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Super Sculpey Firm™

Crafters love Super Sculpey® Firm™ for detailing work, and photographers like to catch its fine points on film. This polymer clay is the ultimate sculpting compound for achieving exquisite detail and texture.

Unique in both form and color, Super Sculpey® Firm™ brings unlimited creative potential to the sculpting world. 

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Benefits of Sculpey® Firm™ Clay 

Whether you're just getting acquainted with polymer clay or are a seasoned clayer, you'll experience many advantages when working with Super Sculpey® Firm™, including:

  • Shatter- and chip-resistant
  • Available in easy-to-cut scored bars
  • Allows for easy carving and sculpting
  • Decreases sanding time due to its ability to blend smoothly
  • Allows you to build out of shapes in small increments
  • Highly pliable and easy to bend once the clay has been kneaded slightly,
  • Malleable enough to comfortably shape and blend pieces together, yet firm enough to hold its shape

How to Determine if Super Sculpey® Firm™ Is Right for Your Next Project

Sculpey® Firm™ is hard, dense and great at holding detail. It is most often used to create sculptures that will later be painted or formed into molds. If you are looking for an incredibly firm clay, then Super Sculpey® Firm™ is for you. However, due to its level of firmness, you'll need to recondition it before starting any clay project.

Other reasons to choose Super Sculpey® Firm™ include its sturdiness and resistance to shattering or breaking if dropped. It can also bear its weight better than other polymer clay products. 

Super Sculpey® Firm's natural gray color makes it an excellent choice for taking photos, as it highlights every little detail. As a sculptor who is fond of making miniatures, you may appreciate its lack or reflectivity and soothing color. If you're looking for more vibrant colors to make your creations come to life, you can also choose Sculpey® Premo™.

Sculpey® Firm™ Baking Instructions and Tips

Bake Super Sculpey® Firm™ for 15 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for each 1/4-inch thickness of raw clay. Ensure your layers do not exceed 1/2-inch thickness as thicker coatings are more susceptible to cracking and splitting.

If your Super Sculpey® Firm™ experiences cracking during baking, don't worry — simply wait until the piece is entirely cool. Then, place a small amount of liquid clay in the crack and wait approximately 10 minutes. Fill the gap with more clay, smooth it and bake it and you'll have a masterpiece without cracks. 

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