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Ultimate Oven Bake Clay Craft Set


This comprehensive gift set is perfect for anyone new to clay or anyone wanting to expand their clay skills! It includes tons of clay, basic tools and accessories perfect to introduce someone to the amazing world of polymer clay! The deluxe tools included can be used in future clay projects! 

Kit includes:

  • 24 (1 oz. bars) Sculpey III in a mix of classic colors and metallics
  • Deluxe Tools – Needle Tool, Knife tool, Detail Tool, Blade, Black Roller, Oven-Safe Work Mat, Diamond Cutters, Jewelry Shape Templates
  • Accessories - (1) White Rattail Cord, (3) Black wires, (3) plastic clips, (5) Rhinestones, (4) Fish hook earrings, (10) Eye pins, (10) Jump rings, (1) Ribbon, (2) g Glitter, and (1) suede cord
  • Comprehensive instruction booklet that teaches the basics of creating with clay.

Techniques taught:

  • Marbling, terrazzo, mokume gane, bead making (7 types of popular beads), how to make simple shapes that can turn into sculpted pieces, texturing items, mixing in glitter, how to cover metal or glass, how to embellish clay with items, how to finish jewelry, proper baking techniques, the proper way to condition clay and much more!

Ultimate Oven-Bake Clay Craft Set

If you've been looking for a gift set with all of the clay-baking essentials, we've got you covered! Whether you want to begin your own clay journey or help someone else start theirs, our Ultimate Oven-Bake Clay Craft Set has everything you'll need to expand your crafting skill set and become an expert clayer!

Learn How to Use Tools Like a Pro

There are a variety of different tools and other clay-making necessities that you'll find in our Ultimate Oven-Bake Clay Craft Set. Some of the items in our claying set include:


  • A diverse range of accessories: Your set comes with fishhook earrings, cord, clips and other supplies to keep up with your imagination.
  • Multiple deluxe tools: We'll also provide you with plenty of tools, such as blades, black rollers, diamond cutters and more.
  • Various Sculpey III® colors: From metallic finishes to classic colors, you'll receive multiple clay options to begin your collection.

To ensure you can easily navigate these tools, we also include an instructional booklet that will walk you through various crafting techniques. Our Ultimate Oven-Bake Clay Set provides all the instruction you need to create beautiful clay creations!


Release Your Inner Clay Crafter

If you're embarking on your crafting journey, our Ultimate Oven-Bake Clay Craft Set's instructional booklet will teach you everything you need to feel confident in starting to grow your crafting abilities. 

From learning advanced techniques to making custom beads, you'll be able to release your inner crafter. Wherever you end up on your claying expedition, your unleashed creativity will help you find and appreciate your own abilities — even if you didn't know they existed!

Start Your Crafting Journey Today

With our Ultimate Oven-Bake Clay Craft Set, we'll give you all the tools you need to become a talented clayer and enjoy a fun new hobby. Order today and unleash your creative side!