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Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval, 3 pc


Get the perfect shape every time with these cutters! Three graduated sizes allow you to mix and match in your projects!  Perfect for adding dimension and layering. Great for DIY home décor, jewelry and more! 

  • Perfect for jewelry, paper crafting, home décor and more! 
  • Perfect for adding dimensions to your clay projects.
  • Three  Graduated sizes: .5”, 1”, 1.5”  
  • Easily cuts through Oven-Bake clay 
  • Tip – to get round edges cover the clay with plastic wrap and then use the cutters
  • Material – Stainless Steel  
  • Wipes clean with soap and water



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Irregular Oval Sculpey Tools™ Cutters are great for layering or adding dimension to your clay projects and cutting shapes quickly and easily. To achieve round edges, cover the clay with plastic wrap before using cutters. Stainless steel irregular oval shape cutters effortlessly cut through oven-bake clay and wipe clean with soap and water. Perfect for home decor, jewelry, paper crafting and more, Sculpey Tools™ Cutters come in three graduated sizes, including .5 inch, 1 inch and 1.5 inches. 

What Are Irregular Oval Shape Cutters Used for? 

Irregular oval shape polymer clay cutters from Sculpey® are perfect for:

  • - Jewelry pieces
  • - Small trinkets
  • - Holiday ornaments
  • - Penholders
  • - Decorative bowls
  • - Coasters
  • - Photo frames
  • - Mixed media items

Polymer Clay Cutters for Jewelry

Polymer clay cutters are just one of many tools that will help you create unique beads and jewelry. From irregular oval cutters to mosaic triangles, geometric shapes, teardrops and more, the sky's the limit for what you can create with Sculpey Tools™ Cutters. 

Tips for Using Cutters With Your Clay

When using polymer clay cutters, it's best to use smaller cutters with thinner clay pieces. Ensure your clay conditioning machine is tuned to a setting of 1 or less. That way, any details or intricate designs will show up clearer on your polymer clay project. It's also crucial to ensure there are no air bubbles trapped in your clay piece before running it through the machine.

One of the best ways to get nice rounded edges with your irregular oval shape cutters — or any cutters, for that matter — is to use plastic wrap. Tear off a square of plastic wrap to lay over your slab of polymer clay. Then, press the cutter down into the clay until you achieve the desired shape. 

Instead of using your fingers to peel the clay piece off your covered work surface, use a clay blade to slide under the slab and lift upward carefully. This ensures all edges remain smooth, round and intact. 

All About Sculpey® 

Founded in the early 1960s, Sculpey® encourages creativity with helpful tools, innovative clays, technique tutorials and projects to excite and inspire. We produce and distribute oven-bake clays that stay soft until baked in a home oven, as well as Liquid Sculpey®, Sculpey Air-Dry™ Clay, Sculpey Non-Dry™ Clay and various tools and mediums. 

Manufactured in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, our award-winning family of polymer clay brands can be used to create jewelry, holiday ornaments, seasonal and sculpting projects and beautiful home decor. We supply the tools, you supply the creativity!

Buy Sculpey Tools™ Cutters Today 

Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval are a popular accompaniment to polymer clay due to their ease of use and versatility. Sculpey® offers a large inventory of high-quality polymer clay linesproductstoolsmediums and accessories. From our starter sets to more advanced instruments, we have what you need for your next project.

Ready to get started? Order Irregular Oval Sculpey Tools™ Cutters today or shop our vast inventory of polymer clay tools specifically designed to make crafting fun and straightforward.

Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval, 3 pc
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Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval, 3 pc Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval, 3 pc Sculpey Tools™ Cutters: Irregular Oval, 3 pc Sculpey Tools - Cutters |