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Sculpey Non-Dry Modeling Clay Classroom Pack


The Sculpey Non-Dry™ pack is perfect for classroom play and stop-motion animation workshops!  This wax based clay is easy to work with and never dries out!

Pack includes:

  • 5.5 pounds of clay in White, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green
  • 10 students in the classroom would get over a 1/2 pound of clay each!
  • 15 tools – (5) Rollers, (5) plastic knives and (5) Plastic detail tools
  • Easy to follow instructions on how to the clay
  • Never dries out or hardens – allows for hours of 3D sculpting fun
  • Safe and non-toxic
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Sculpey Non-Dry Modeling Clay Classroom Pack
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Sculpey Non-Dry Modeling Clay Classroom Pack Clay Donuts Created With Non-Dry Modeling Clay Sculpey Non-Dry Modeling Clay Classroom Pack Sculpey Non-Dry Modeling Clay Classroom Pack Sculpey Non-Dry Modeling Clay Classroom Pack Sculpey Non-Dry Modeling Clay Classroom Pack Sculpey Non-Dry Modeling Clay Classroom Pack Sculpey Non-Dry Clay - So Versatile! |

Sculpey® Non-Dry Classroom Pack

If you host clay classes, having enough clay and tools for students to use is vital to ensuring everyone has an easy time learning. The Sculpey® Non-Dry classroom clay pack is perfect for introducing students to clay. With this generous package of five lots of clay and 15 tools, you can set your students up for success and make sure the class has plenty of materials to go around. 

What You Get in Our Non-Drying Classroom Clay Pack

This classroom clay is non-drying, meaning that students can have hours of fun sculpting and reusing it to practice their claying and make more creations. The pack comes with 5.5 pounds of clay total, evenly split into white, blue, red, green and yellow. This wax-based, non-dry kids' clay is non-toxic and safe for people of all ages to work with.

It also comes with the essential tools needed for working with clay, such as rollers, plastic knives and detail tools, to ensure your class is prepared and ready to create from day one.

This classroom clay pack from Sculpey® is perfect for inspiring your students' creativity and giving them an appreciation for working with their hands.

Fun Clay Projects for Students

Whether your claying class is aimed at young children or adults with an interest in stop motion animation, the Sculpey® Non-Dry Modeling Clay Classroom Pack is an excellent resource for teaching them the material. Start instructing your students on the basics of clay by assigning fun projects such as:


Clayers often start with specific shapes to make their desired animals. You could teach your class how to make common animal body parts, add textures and more. Have your students make their favorite animals while explaining the creation techniques, guiding them through the process to help them become more confident in their sculpting abilities.

As an exercise, you could encourage them to use the skills they learned to create an imaginary animal. Working with clay helps expand creativity, so giving your students freedom to experiment will result in fun, unique creations.


Another great project for helping teach students about claying is making food. Many of the tools used with clay work much like common kitchen supplies, such as rolling pins and knives. Making a connection between claying and cooking can help your students refine their techniques for using clay tools.

Creating clay food is also a chance to teach new techniques and methods for working with clay. For instance, the detail tools can help your students add realistic features to the food they sculpt.


Once your students understand the basics of working with non-dry clay, they can have fun sculpting various 3D objects in the classroom. Your students could start small and make stationery products, like a pencil or pen. Once they're comfortable, they can explore their options and embrace their creativity to craft more complex sculptures.

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Are you ready to help students learn all about clay and sculpting? Prepare your classroom with the Sculpey® Non-Dry classroom pack to ensure you have all the clay and tools needed to help your students express their creativity.

Order your non-dry classroom clay and tools to start preparing today.