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Sculpey Design It Jewelry Shape Templates

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  • 40 shapes perfect for clay, paper and more!
  • These versatile shapes can be mixed and matched for endless jewelry making options!
  • Easy to trace plastic templates - includes the inside shape.
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Jewelry Shape Templates
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Jewelry Shape Templates

Sculpey® Design It Templates

Are you looking for new shapes and designs for your jewelry? Sculpey® Design It Jewelry Shape Templates are the best way to experiment with new shapes, offering 40 different templates you can mix and match for unique jewelry pieces. 

You can trace the shapes, mold clay over them and try inventive techniques to design your jewelry. At Sculpey®, we strive to help all crafters and clayers broaden their creativity by supplying the best tools and materials. 

Sculpey® Jewelry Template Ideas

Our Polyform jewelry design templates will help spark new ideas for beautiful jewelry pieces you will enjoy wearing, giving as gifts or selling. Whether you focus on earrings, necklaces or bracelets, you'll find plenty of ways to use these clay jewelry templates for your designs. 

With the 40 shapes that come in this template pack, you can mix and match to create unique pieces people will love. To help get you started on your clay jewelry journey, here are a few design ideas you can try with your templates:

Combine Round and Sharp Shapes

Circles, ovals or teardrops can pair well with shapes that have sharper points, like triangles or rhombuses. The way they fit depends on the order you arrange the shapes. You can experiment with different shape combinations to ensure they work well with each other and create pieces with a natural flow. 

Stack Shapes

Dangling earrings are popular among many age groups. Using the shapes in the templates can help you create unique designs for new long earrings. Whether you stack a half-circle shape in multiple sizes or use a circle for the top portion and a teardrop for the bottom, jewelry lovers will appreciate the unique approach and the lighter weight of clay long earrings.

Layer the Same Shape

Using a template to create your shapes ensures every part is the same size, allowing you to make cohesive jewelry with repeating pieces. After you cut the shapes out, you can layer their edges in a line, then roll it to create a repeating pattern for a bracelet or necklace.

Create Mini Versions

Many shapes on the templates come in several sizes to let you express your creativity in different dimensions. You can create big clay shapes for statement pieces and complement them with small and medium sizes. The templates will help you make the same jewelry patterns in different sizes and with proper proportions.

Experiment With Textures

Experimenting with new shapes is also a great time to try out unique textures. Layering different shapes on top of each other can make interesting visual details and add depth to your piece. For instance, you might try putting a raised piece of clay on an earring to make it three-dimensional.

Using these clay jewelry templates will help you expand your collection and find new shape combinations you love. 

Order Your Sculpey® Design Templates Today

 When you're ready to upgrade your jewelry-making process, consider using high-quality Sculpey® Design Templates to discover new shape combinations and let your creativity bloom. 

Enjoy making exceptional and unique jewelry with Sculpey® Design It Templates when you buy today!