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Polymer Clay

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  1. Sculpey® Bake Shop 2 oz
    Sculpey® Bake Shop 2 oz
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Polymer Oven-Bake Clay 

Polymer oven-bake clay is perfect for everything from custom jewelry pieces, home décor, sculptures, holiday decorations and more! The best part about oven-bake clay? It is incredibly soft and malleable and will retain its freshness even when exposed to air. 

Oven-Bake Clay From Sculpey

If you want the best polymer clay brand on the market, you're in the right place. Sculpey offers a range of oven-bake clays to suit your sculpting, crafting and creating needs. Check out our variety of polymer clays:

  • - Sculpey III: This clay is soft, easy to use and great for kids and beginners to polymer clay. With over 50 available colors, the only limit is your imagination.
  • - Sculpey Premo™: Premo clay is soft enough to blend, firm enough to hold details and perfect for more experienced polymer clay artists and techniques.
  • - Super Sculpey®: Super Sculpey® is a professional-quality sculpting clay that keeps fine details without blurring or bending for maximum artistry.
  • - Sculpey Souffle™: If you're looking for a lightweight, flexible polymer clay with a suede finish for advanced craft projects, try our Sculpey Souffle™ clays.
  • - Original Sculpey®: America's first oven-bake clay! Our classic Original Sculpey® has been a favorite among clayers and crafters of all ages for decades.
  • - Sculpey Bake Shop: Our Sculpey Bake Shop clays come in over a dozen fun colors. Soft and easy to use, this clays are ideal for kids and experienced clayers alike.
  • - Liquid Sculpey®: Liquid oven-bake polymer clay is an innovative medium for a variety of crafts. You can use Liquid Sculpey® with molds or other polymer clays to create imaginative polymer clay pieces and projects.


Order Clay From Sculpey®

Sculpey® is excited to help you bring your clay creations to life with ease. If you have questions about what Sculpey® brand is best for your project or how long to bake your piece, check out the FAQ page where there are tons of tips and techniques for working with polymer clay!

We offer the best polymer oven-bake clay on the market in a wide range of beautiful color palettes. Browse our clay lines and order your favorite Sculpey® oven-bake clay today.