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Sculpey Premo™ Polymer Clay

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Shop for Sculpey Premo™ Clay Online

If you're looking for the highest-quality clay, make Sculpey Premo™ your go-to medium. The premium material is soft enough to blend easily and firm enough to hold fine details without the colors bleeding, making it an excellent jewelry-making clay. Our product is perfect for frequent clayers and professional artists.

Our Types of Sculpey Premo™ for Sale

At Sculpey, we have a wide range of products you can stock up on or add to your collection. We offer 60 colors in our standard, 2-ounce packages, many of which also come in 8-ounce or 1-pound sizes. Choose from the following options we offer:

  • - Glitter and metallic clay: Shiny or sparkly clay looks eye-catching and adds texture to a project. 
  • - Individual solid clay: A uniform color offers many possibilities on its own or mixed with another clay. 
  • - Multipacks: A bundle or pack gives you many shades of clay, with up to 24 pieces in a set.
  • - DIY kits: These starter sets provide everything you need to craft jewelry, including instructions.


Bring Your Ideas to Life With Sculpey Premo™

The possibilities are endless with Sculpey Premo™ clay. You can take your time sculpting with it because it stays soft until you cure it through baking. Let your imagination run wild using this durable medium for these and other fun projects:

1. Make jewelry

You can make a wide array of wearable pieces with polymer clay in standard colors or unique color combinations. Enjoy using jewelry-making clay to create earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and chains.

2. Mixed media jewelry

You can sculpt some jewelry parts with clay and mix them with other materials. Add items such as metal beads, charms or ribbons to create beautiful accessories. 

3. Decorate your home

Try making artistic or unique pieces to display around your home! Explore crafting faux plants, trays, coasters and picture frames with your desired color scheme.

4. Make miniature figurines

You can experiment with making mini figurines as decorative displays or toys. Create adorable items such as food, animals and cars to display on your living room shelves or desk in an office.

5. Transform or embellish existing objects

Clay provides an excellent way to enhance everyday items around your home with decorations. Personalize a coffee mug, bookmark or pair of sunglasses with Sculpey Premo™. 

6. Make Christmas ornaments or refrigerator magnets

Use clay to make keepsakes or items you want to treasure each season. Bake your clay creations and add glue magnets to create a decoration for your fridge or a unique Christmas ornament to hang on your tree every year. 

7. Create embellishments for cards, frames and scrapbooks

Our clay works beautifully for homemade cards for friends and family or embellishments for frames, scrapbooks, recipe books and planners. Bring your vision to life with our various colors and styles of clay. 

Buy Sculpey Premo™ to Fuel Your Creativity 

If you're ready to get creative, browse our collection of Sculpey Premo™ clay and add your favorite items to your cart. Feel free to learn more about polymer clay and compare and contrast other options for your project. Place your order today!