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Sculpey® Technique Design Blocks

This tool is perfect for anyone who wants to do advanced techniques without a bunch of separate tools. The Technique Design Block tool gives you four different blocks to achieve mokume gane, bargello, mica shift and more!

  • Dots design block: impresses dots of different widths in clay. Perfect for mica shift, mokume gane, and general texturing.
  • Linear design block: impresses a variety of lines, dashes, and grids in clay. Great for mica shift, mokume gane, and general texturing.
  • Geometric design block: impresses shapes of different depths and widths in clay. Ideal for mica shift, mokume gane and general texturing.
  • Dragging design block: creates evenly spaced lines and rows in clay. Excellent for bargello, even lines and general texturing.

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