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Sculpey® Work n’ Bake Clay Mat

Does creativity run in your blood and inspire you every day? Do your hands itch to explore new possibilities, engage in exciting crafts and enjoy the unique outcome of every project? When it comes to expressing yourself, exploring your imagination and tapping into your creative potential, no medium is more rewarding, inspiring or enjoyable as polymer clay. It's pliable, versatile and easy to bake in your home oven, making every clay crafting project exactly what you imagined from start to finish — whether you're making kid crafts, sculpting intricate or fun figurines for display, creating useful or decorative home decor items or developing lovely jewelry pieces.

When you're working on all your original polymer clay crafts, you need the perfect tools to work with your materials and your vision. A polymer clay work surface lets you keep your work in place without it sticking, skidding or interfering with areas you'd like to keep clean. With theSculpey® Work n' Bake polymer clay mat, you get the best of both worlds — sculpt on a non-stick, non-skid surface and transfer your creations directly to the oven!

The Perfect Polymer Clay Work Mat

As an innovative polymer clay work surface, the Sculpey® polymer clay mat makes both the sculpting and baking processes easier than ever. The perfect non-skid silicone surface that won’t move as you create offers these benefits:

  • Oven Safe! Goes from table to oven to easily create then bake!
  • Perfect size for toaster ovens
  • Reusable

Transform your creative process when you use our polymer clay mat for your crafting projects. Purchase your own online today.

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