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Sculpey® Silicone Bakeable Mold - Cabochon

The cabochon mold allows you to quickly and easily make beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. This one mold has 3 different sizes perfect for making all types of jewelry from earrings to bracelets! 

  • Add dimension to your jewelry making!
  • Works perfectly with the Sculpey® Silicone Bakeable Mold - Bezel.
  • Silicone mold bakes in the oven!
  • Works great with both clay and Liquid Sculpey® products .
  • Quickly and easily make detailed jewelry, gifts and items for home décor.
  • Simply mold, flex and release!
  • Can be used with oven-bake, air dry and non-drying clays as well as Plaster of Paris, craft soap and candle wax.
  • Mold includes the following shapes: Triangle, Round, Donut and Tear Drop in 3 popular sizes, .75", 1" and 1.25"

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