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Model Air®

Do you thrive off of creative inspiration, exciting projects and crafty endeavors? If you like to express yourself, explore your potential and create with your hands, there's no medium more workable and inspiring than clay. Whether you're making beautiful jewelry, sculpting fun figurines, creating cute crafts with your kids, devising trinkets like magnets and keychains, or crafting useful household objects, clay provides you with the pliability, versatility and possibility you desire in your crafting projects.

When you're done working your clay and are ready to make your project complete, wouldn't it be wonderful if there were an easy, no-bake, no-fuss way to make sure the material is hard, sturdy and ready for its final touches? With our air drying clay, there is! As the best air dry clay on the market, Model Air Dry Clay is the perfect material for your next project.

An Air Drying Clay Like No Other

Whatever you're crafting, this air drying clay offers an easy, enjoyable experience for everyone. Here are its fantastic features:

  • Easy to smooth, lightweight and durable, making sculpting and crafting fun and never frustrating
  • Exceptional pliability offers a plethora of possibilities
  • Ideal for craft and jewelry projects!
  • Can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with acrylic based paints!
  • Air Dries
  • Hard and Durable once completely dry
  • 2.2lb (1 kg)

Buy Model Air Dry Clay Online Today!

Dedicated to providing the proper tools to fuel your creativity at every turn, Polyform Products is excited for you to experience our innovative clay. Purchase the best air dry clay for sale here today.

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