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premo Sculpey Yummy Donut Key Chain

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By: Paola Gualandris Create this fun key chain for yourself or your friends! We know anyone will eat it up!
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Sculpey Tools™ Essential Tool Kit
Key Chain Toothpick Eyelet Pin Clear Fast Dry Glue

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Condition ¼ block of raw sienna clay and roll it into a ball.
Press it and sculpt into a donut.
Take your pointed tool and make a hole in the middle.
Take 1/16 of wasabi clay and make a ball.
Flatten the ball with clay roller and put on donut.
Make a hole in the middle.
Roll out a little snake of burnt umber clay and cut to create sprinkles and put them on the donut.
Make two little ball with pomegranate clay and put it on dunut, use toothpick to make them a little hole.
Insert eyelet pin in the donut.
Bake the donut. Fixing the hook with glue and add the keychain.