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Souffle Faux Leather Cuff

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This great cuff will look great with your jeans! Design by syndee holt  
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Sculpey Soufflé™ Cowboy 1.7 oz
Sculpey Soufflé™ Cinnamon 1.7 oz
Sculpey Soufflé™ Ivory 1.7 oz
Sculpey Tools™ Clay Conditioning Machine
Sculpey Tools™ Clay Blades
Sculpey Tools™ Etch 'n Pearl
Oven-Bake Clay Adhesive 2 oz
Small piece of copper colored lace
Inexpensive brush
Linoleum cutter for carving; small piece of moistened sponge>br> Stamp for inner layer finish (optional)

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Getting Started:
Start with clean hands, unwrap and knead clay until soft and smooth, or condition by running clay though a Pasta Machine. We recommend using a designated machine for clay purposes only. When working with multiple colors, clean hands with soap and water or baby wipe before switching colors. Shape clay, pressing pieces firmly together. Wash hands after use.
Begin by preheating oven to 275 °F (130 °C). After you are done creating; for best results bake clay on an oven-proof surface such metal, aluminum foil, an index card or the Sculpey® Clay Mat at 275°F (130 °C) for 30 minutes per ¼" (6 mm) thickness according to package directions. Oven safe glass or ceramic surfaces are also acceptable for baking; however please note that the baking times may take longer as the glass or ceramic surfaces take longer to heat up. For best baking results, use an oven thermometer. DO NOT USE MICROWAVE OVEN. DO NOT EXCEED THE ABOVE TEMPERATURE OR RECOMMENDED BAKING TIME.
Sheet the one block of the conditioned Souffle Cowboy clay out on the second to widest setting on the Clay Conditioning Machine in a long, narrow length. Set one end of the bracelet blank on one side and trim the clay to the end of the blank. Gently roll the blank along the clay to the other side so that the clay now covers the blank. Trim the second short edge as shown.
Slide the Super Slicer blade carefully along one long edge of the bracelet blank, trimming the clay to the edge of the blank. Repeat on the other side so that the clay does not overlap the blank but just covers it. NOTE: If you don’t want to add the textured inside layer described in the last steps, add another layer of the Cowboy clay to the blank now.
Trim a piece of the copper colored lace so that the width is slightly shorter than the bracelet blank. Press gently into place down the center of the clay and trim the two short ends. Set aside.
Sheet the conditioned Souffle Cinnamon out on the second from the widest setting on the Clay Conditioning Machine, creating a long length of clay (slightly longer than the bracelet blank). Use the Super Slicer blade to cut a multi curving line down the center of this sheet as shown.
Gently apply one side of the Cinnamon clay to the bracelet blank, allowing any excel clay to hang over the edge of the blank. Repeat with the other side, leaving an opening between the two pieces of Cinnamon clay.
Slide the Super Slicer blade along both edges of the bracelet blank to trim the Cinnamon layer flush with the edges of the bracelet blank.
Use the linoleum cutter to carve a pattern, starting in the top center of the Cinnamon layer. Stroke from the inside of the layer to the outside, keep the pattern curving toward the end of the bracelet. Carve in the opposite direction from the center to the other side. Repeat this on the other piece of Cinnamon.
Sheet out a small piece of Souffle Sea Glass on the second from the widest setting on the Clay Conditioning Machine. Press the large Etch n’ Pearl into the moist sponge and press firmly into the Sea Glass clay. Scrape the clay up into the Etch n’ Pearl and press into place between the two Cinnamon layers. Repeat randomly between the layers, using the different sizes of Etch n’ Pearls. NOTE: if the “pearl” doesn’t come up with the tool, remoisten the tool before picking the pearl up and positioning it on the bracelet.
Bake as directed in Step 1. Once the clay is baked and cooled, just pop the clay off of the bracelet blank.
If you didn’t add a second layer of Cowboy to the bracelet blank in Step 3, roll out another long piece of Cowboy clay on the same setting. Apply a thin layer of Sculpey Bake n’ Bond to the inside of the bracelet and line the bracelet with the stamped sheet of clay.
Lightly moisten the selected stamp with the sponge and emboss the sheet of clay.
Trim the edges to the bracelet. You can put a little Bake n’ Bond on your finger and lightly rub the edges to smooth them out. Bake again according to the directions in Step 1. No need to use the bracelet blank this time!