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Sculpey® Soufflé Dorm Room Mirror

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This project incorporates a few simple canes and a variety of surface techniques to make a mirror with floral borders.

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Small mirror with wooden frame

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Getting Started:Do not use unbaked clay on unprotected furniture or finished surfaces. Start with clean hands and work surface area. Good work surfaces include wax paper, metal baking sheet, or disposable foil. Knead clay until soft and smooth. For best results, clean your hands in between colors. Shape clay, pressing pieces together firmly. Bake on oven-proof glass or metal surface at 275 degrees F (130 degrees C) for 15 minutes per ¼” (6mm) thickness. For best baking results, use and oven thermometer. DO NOT USE MICROWAVE OVEN. DO NOT EXCEED THE ABOVE TEMPERATURE OR RECOMMENDED BAKING TIME. Wash hands after use. Baking should be done by an adult.Begin by preheating oven to 275 degrees F (130 degrees C). Test temperature with oven thermometer for perfectly cured clay. For best results, condition all clay by running it through the clay dedicated pasta machine several passes on the widest setting. Fold the clay in half after each pass and insert the fold side into the rollers first.
MAKE A SKINNER BLENDSheet 1/2 block of each of the colors through the pasta machine on the thickest setting. Make long rectangular pieces that are a little wider than 1/3 of the width of the pasta machine rollers. Lay the sheets next to each other and overlapping so that the full width of all three colors matches the width of the roller
Press the overlapping seams together with your hands. Press the striped sheet through the pasta machine again with the stripes perpendicular to the rollers sealing the overlapped areas together. Fold the sheet across the stripes matching color to color. Press the folded sheet through the pasta machine fold first. Keep folding and pressing the sheet through always matching like color to like color until a blending from one color to the next is apparent. You can keep going to make the blend as gradual as you like or stop when the colors are only partially blended. This is a variation on the Skinner Blend.
Press the sheet through the pasta machine one more time on the second thickest setting to thin and lengthen it. Divide the sheet in half across the stripes as shown. Set one half aside for now
Turn the Skinner Blend into a Jelly Roll Cane-Turn one of the blended halves 90 degrees and press it through the pasta machine on the third setting and again on the fourth setting to make it longer and thinner.
Trim a straight edge across the Raspberry end. Begin on the Raspberry end and roll the sheet up into a jelly roll cane.
Smooth the Grape seam along the cane with your fingertips.
Roll the cane just a few times to smooth it. Carefully slice the cane in half with the Super Slicer.
Compress one half of the cane by pressing inward on each end. We want this compressed cane to be around 1.25” in diameter. In this photo I’m showing the original size of the cane at the top and the compressed cane at the bottom. The next few steps will be done with the compressed cane. The other half of the cane can be preserved for other projects.
From Jelly Roll Cane to Chrysanthemum Cane-10. Next we are going to turn the compressed Jelly Roll Cane into a Chrysanthemum Cane. Use the large Etch ‘N Pearl to impress four lines in a N, S, E, and W position around the cane. Start shallow at first.
From Jelly Roll Cane to Chrysanthemum Cane-10. Next we are going to turn the compressed Jelly Roll Cane into a Chrysanthemum Cane. Use the large Etch ‘N Pearl to impress four lines in a N, S, E, and W position around the cane. Start shallow at first.
Repeat Steps 10 and 11 to make lines and then grooves in the side of the cane between each of the original lines. Make sure to deepen the grooves all the way to the center color. Roll the cane again to heal the grooves. From the end it should look like an eight petal flower. Set the Chrysanthemum Cane aside for now
Six Petal Flower Cane-Take the Skinner Blended sheet from Step 4 and roll it up into a Jelly Roll Cane but this time start with the Grape end and finishing with the Raspberry Smoothie on the outside
Roll the cane gently to lengthen to 6” long. Slice the cane in half lengthwise and open it up so that you can see the stripes inside. You now have two half circle shaped canes.
Pinch the sides of one of the half circle canes closing the stripes back up and re-shaping the cane into a teardrop shape
Repeat Step 15 for the other half circle cane. You should now have two canes that are teardrop shaped.
Divide each of the Teardrop Canes into three equal sections, giving you a total of six equal pieces.
Make a little rod of Igloo the same length as one of the teardrop shaped pieces. Stand the Igloo rod up and place the six teardrop pieces around it like flower petals. Squeeze the cane gently to make sure all the petals are attached to each other and to the Igloo center.
Putting It All Together-Combine 1/4 block of each color to one of the other colors to create color blends with the remaining clay. Make Grape Smoothie from Grape and Raspberry Smoothie. Make Light Grape from Grape and Igloo. Make Light Raspberry from Igloo and Raspberry Smoothie.
Roll an 8” rope that is tapered on both ends from the Grape Smoothie color.
Place the tapered rope in the palm of your hand. Using hard pressure, roll the large ball along one side of the taper flattening it. Keep adjusting the rope so that you roll all along the end of the taper in the palm of your hand along it’s entire length. As you roll one side flat, it will stretch and curl.
This curly rope will create a background to build the flower borders on. Position the curly rope with the fat side down on the corner of the mirror. This would be a good place to use baking parchment as a barrier between the frame and the clay. You can build your corner decorations on the parchment without them sticking to the frame.Once you are happy with your curly rope background, carefully pick it up or lift the parchment paper so that you can add the flowers.
Roll a fat taper from the Light Grape color. Slice the fat taper as shown to make a variety of sizes.
Roll each of the Light Grape pieces into balls. Position the balls along the curly rope. Make little circles in the balls with the end of an Etch ‘n Pearl. Repeat Steps 23 and 24 with Light Raspberry
Slice the Chrysanthemum Cane into thin slices
Press the Chrysanthemum Cane slices into the design with the large ball tool
Slice the Flower Cane into thin slices. Use the medium ball tool to shape the flower slice and place it in the design
Keep adding the decorative elements to the corner decoration. Add pearls of all the colors with the Etch ‘n Pearl tools. Use your tools to add textures and design elements where desired. When you are happy with your corner design, carefully pick it up on the parchment and double check that it is going to fit on the corner of your frame. Make adjustments as needed. Repeat Steps 19-27 to make another corner element for the opposite corner of the frame if desired. Bake the clay pieces on the parchment. When the pieces are baked, carefully slide them off of the parchment to cool on a flat surface so that they won’t curl.
Paint the frame as desired to match your clay flower borders. Glue the clay pieces onto the frame with silicone glue and allow to dry completely.