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Premo! African Dance Pendant

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This piece was inspired by a friend's African vacation photographs. Design by Mari O'Dell 1/4 of a 2 oz package of premo! Sculpey Accents Sunset Pearl (5115) 1/4 of a 2 oz package of premo! Sculpey Cadmium Red Hue  (5382) ( these two will be blended together to create a red) 1 oz of premo! Sculpey Accents Gold (5303) 1 oz premo! Sculpey Accents Peacock Pearl (5038) 2 oz of Sculpey Souffle Poppy Seed
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Liquid Sculpey® Black 2 oz.
Sculpey Tools™ Clay Conditioning Machine
Sculpey Tools™ Sandpaper Variety Pack
Sculpey Tools™ 8-Inch Acrylic Roller
Oven-Bake Clay Adhesive 2 oz
plastic deli paper and waxed deli paper, a deeply textured unmounted impression plate, black waxed cotton or linen cord, a piece of pool tread or sandpaper for texturing the back of your pendant, a piece of drywall sandpaper, craft knife, small brush, metal knitting needle, old credit card or piece of thin, stiff plastic, wet/dry sandpaper in grits 1200, ceramic curing tile Cricut Cuddlebug press (optional), Buffer with an un-sewn muslin buffing wheel, container for water to use with wet/dry sandpaper, Renaissance micro-crystalline wax (optional),

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Getting StartedPolymer clay may stain. CLAY MAY DAMAGE UNPROTECTED FURNITURE OR FINISHED SURFACES. DO NOT USE polymer clay on unprotected surfaces. We recommend working on the Sculpey clay mat, wax paper, metal baking sheet, or disposable foil. Start with clean hands and work surface area. Knead clay until soft and smooth. For best results, clean your hands in between colors. Shape clay, pressing pieces together firmly. Bake on oven-proof glass or metal surface at 275°F (130 °C) for 30 minutes per ¼" (6 mm) thickness. For best baking results, use an oven thermometer. DO NOT USE MICROWAVE OVEN. DO NOT EXCEED THE ABOVE TEMPERATURE OR RECOMMENDED BAKING TIME. Wash hands after use. Baking should be completed by an adult.Begin by preheating oven to 275 °F (130 °C). Test temperature with oven thermometer for perfectly cured clay. For best results, condition all clay by running it through the Clay Conditioning Machine for several passes on the widest setting. Fold the clay in half after each pass and insert the fold side into the rollers first.
Begin by conditioning and blending the sunset pearl and cadmium red Premo to create a pearlized red .set this color aside. Next condition the gold Premo and set this aside.Finally condition the peacock pearl Premo and set this aside. Form each color into a cone shape. Join the cone shapes into form a rough rectangle and slightly flatten with your acrylic roller. Stretch this and shape trying to keep the width of the rectangle at about two inches.
You are aiming for a rectangle of clay which is 2" wide and slightly thicker than the widest setting on your clay conditioning machine. Run the rectangle thru the clay conditioning machine, fold in half and place the fold into the roller of the machine ... work on keeping the width at about two inches so that all the colors of your blend are available for you pendant cut outs. Continue folding and running the clay thru your machine until you have a blended sheet you like. Adjust your machine to a setting about 2 steps down from the widest one on your machine. Roll the blend thru this setting . Cut the piece in half and set half aside.
Sandwich the blended sheet with a piece of plastic deli paper. This will act as a resist when creating the deeply textured pieces for your pendant. Make sure there is deli paper on top and bottom of the blended sheet. Try to make it as smooth as possible.
Now place the deeply textured impression plate texture side down on the plastic covered blended clay.
I like to use a Cuddlebug press for this part, but the idea is simply to carefully press the texture plate into the plastic covered clay. Carefully peel the plastic from the clay and you are ready to cut out your pendant shapes.
Place a piece of your textured blend onto a curing tile.Using your templates , select the areas of the blend you wish to form your pendant pieces. Cut these out using an x-acto knife. Remove excess clay. Smooth the edges as necessary.
It is now time to backfill with the black liquid Sculpey. This step can be done on raw clay or the pieces can be cured and then backfilled. Both work and both are a bit messy. Using a brush or your finger ( gently if working with raw clay) force the liquid into the depressions in the textured sheet. Then use an old credit card or piece of thin, stiff plastic to wipe off most of the excess from the surface. Since I don't mind the time spent with an extra cure, I usually cure the pieces before backfilling. Make sure to allow the piece to completely cool before doing this or you will have quite a time trying to wipe off already curing liquid. Curing should happen in a pre-heated 275 degree F oven for 35-40 minutes.