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Model Air Porcelain Clay Flower

This delicate flower makes the perfect accent to any room. Designed by Phoebe Doehring
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Model Air Porcelain Clay Flower
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Model Air Porcelain Clay Flower
Acrylic Paints: Royal Fuchsia, Baby Pink, Paint brush: bristle, Paper towel, Toothpick|Acrylic Paints: Royal Fuchsia, Baby Pink, Paint brush: bristle, Paper towel, Toothpick

Project Instructions

Acrylic Paints: Royal Fuchsia, Baby PinkPaint brush: bristlePaper towel Clay knifeToothpick
Roll 4 small balls ¼” to ½” in size. Flatten one ball into a thin oblong shape. Roll into a small spiral and pull away any excess. Flatten the remaining 3 balls nice and thin and shape them into a guitar pick like shape. Using the toothpick, make an indentation at the top of each petal. Attach each petal onto your spiral center overlapping each petal slightly and squeezing down at the base. Fan the petals out as you go.
Roll four ¾” sized balls and shape these into thin guitar pick shaped petals. Make an indent at the top again with your toothpick almost turning them into heart shapes. Using your toothpick make 5 lines running vertically down each petal. Be careful not to press too hard because you may tear the clay. If this happens just gently press the area back together. Attach these next 4 petals to your flower overlapping slightly and squeezing at the base. *you may find that since your petals are thin they may want to droop and not stay where you want, you will need to just keep working the way you want and the clay will start to dry a bit and then they will stay in place. You will notice that your flower is starting to form almost a little stem that you can hold on to. Once the flower is complete this can be trimmed off so the flower lays flat.
Shape 5 more ¾” balls and shape them into petals in the same manner. Make your indents at the top and then the vertical lines down each petal. Attach the last 5 petals in the same manner as the others overlapping slighting and squeezing at the base to hold. Keep working the petals so that they curve a bit and have a realistic look. Sometimes it helps to pinch a bit where you made the indentations at the tops of your petals.
Once your petals are holding the shape that you want you can cut away the stem piece and lay your flower flat.
Allow 24 hours for you flower to dry. Flip over at the halfway point petals should seem firm and you can flip your flower over to get the bottom dry.
Mix equal parts Royal Fuchsia and Baby pink paint. Have a paper towel handy and folded in half. You are going to dry brush the pink paint mixture on the edges of all your petals. Dry brushing is a technique where you use no water to paint and use very little paint. Simply dip your brush in the paint blot excess onto your paper towel and then with quick little strokes go all along the petals edges until you have the desired look you want.