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Model Air® Owl Headband

Phoebe Doehring
This adorable headband will be your daughter’s favorite accessory!
Start with clean hands and work surface area. Good work surfaces include wax paper or disposable foil. Wash hands after use
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Sculpey Air-Dry™ Clay White 2.2 lb
Model Air® Owl Headband
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Model Air® Owl Headband
• Craft Stick • Kelly Green Acrylic paint • Paint Brush • Clear fast drying glue|• Craft Stick • Kelly Green Acrylic paint • Paint Brush • Clear fast drying glue

Project Instructions

Spread some tacky or fabric glue onto the ribbon and fold over one end at the base of the headband. Add glue to ribbon and slowly press onto headband keeping the headband centered. Keep pressing so that the ribbon glues together and covers the headband. When you get to the other end bring the ribbon around and glue to the other side. Set aside and allow to dry.
• Make a palm sized ball of clay.• Using the acrylic roller, roll it flat until it is about 1/4” thick.• Using the template provided and a craft knife, cut out your owl shape. Smooth edges with your fingertips to give the owl more rounded sides.• Using your index finger make two impressions for the eyes.• Using your finger or a toothpick make some indentations where the wings would be. Make sure though that you leave enough space for the owl’s tummy because you will be gluing sequins there.• To keep your owl nice and smooth you can dip your fingers in some water and gently smooth as you go.• You will want the owl to dry in a curve to fit the headband. Take a spare headband (usually come 3 to a pack) and gently lay your owl on top and bend to fit the curve of the headband. Try to position so that the owl can dry in that position. Owl should be positioned so that it runs vertically along the headband and slightly off center to the right side. Allow to dry according to the directions on the package.
• Once your owl is completely dry you can begin painting.• Start by using the dark brown paint first, you will probably need two coats.• Next paint the wings with your Desert Turquoise color. Again you may need two coats.• Mix a bit of Desert Turquoise and white to get a lighter Turquoise color. Use this color for your owl’s two round eyes.• Paint a triangular beak with Orange.• Lastly add the owl’s sleepy eyes with Black.• Set aside to dry completely
When the paint is dry you can coat the owl with some Sculpey Satin Gloss glaze. Set aside to dry.
Glue the Turquoise sequins on the owl’s belly using the quick dry tacky glue. Allow to dry completely.
When your owl is completely dry you are ready to use the clear fast drying gel glue to attach the owl to the ribbon covered headband. Owl should be positioned slightly off center to right side.