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Liquid Sculpey Sticker Charms for Kids

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Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to make durable pendants and charms out of stickers? The process is easy when you use Sculpey CLEAR Liquid Bakeable Clay. Just make sure to use the recommended type of stickers listed under materials. I tried many different types and you do not want to use puffy, double layer or matte paper/cardstock stickers. They either don’t hold up or cannot handle the heat from the oven. You may want to do a test with your stickers to make sure they will bake without distortion. You can however use shiny or holographic stickers that have a metallic silver foil look to the backside, although the sticker area will not be as transparent. Design by Shirley Rufener    
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Liquid Sculpey® Clear 2 oz
Sculpey® Gloss Glaze 1 oz
Recommended Stickers: Use clear plastic stickers that are also clear from the backside for optimal transparency (Alice). Or, stickers that have a metallic silver foil look to the backside work well also (Owls and Flower) Smooth ceramic baking tile, Small pointed scissors, Large shallow bowl of ice water larger than your baking tile (I use a 9” x 9” glass dish), Sturdy 1/16” hand held hold punch tool,

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Squeeze out a puddle of Sculpey clear liquid onto your tile that is larger than your chosen stickers. Use a little less than you think as it will spread out on the tile. Tap the tile carefully on your work surface to allow air bubbles to rise (just like when baking a cake).
Bake the liquid clay as described above. This is a higher temperature than usual but is recommended for high transparency. When finished baking, immediately place the tile into ice water to create the highest level of transparency. *Leave the sheet of liquid clay secured to the tile.* Allow the clay to dry.
Secure your stickers onto the clear liquid sheet, rubbing gently with your finger to make sure the design is in complete contact with the clay.
Now, apply a second layer of liquid clear on top of the sticker, using just enough to slightly overflow beyond the edge of the stickers so they are completely covered. Bake again for 15 min. at 300 degrees and submerge tile into ice water.
When dry, use a sharp slicing blade to help lift the sheet off of the tile. At this point your piece may feel nice and bendable and thick enough to punch a hole through. If it feels too thin to be durable, add a third layer of liquid clear clay to the BOTTOM side of the sheet in the same manner as above. After the ice water step, dry the piece and use small, sharp pointed scissors to cut around your sticker leaving about a 1/16” wide a clear border all the way around the sticker. Or, you may trace a circle, oval etc. shape using a shape template and a pen, and cut out the shape just inside the pen line with small pointed scissors.
It is time to make the design colors pop. Apply a polymer clay friendly glaze to both sides of your piece allowing each to dry completely. I use 2-3 coats of gloss glaze for a high shine. When your pendant or charm is completely dry and cured, mark a dot for the hole with a pen, near the top center and use a hole punch or sharp tool to make the hole. Add a jump ring and secure to your ball-chain necklace, necklace cording, or bracelet.