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Covering a Surface

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Roll a sheet of clay that is larger than the object you plan to cover. If you are covering a large object, you may need multiple sheets of clay. To do this, roll out sheets of the same thickness then lay them next to each other. Smooth seams with fingers. If desired, texture the sheet of clay. Using the Super Slicer or the Clay Knife, trim one edge of the clay. Gently wrap the sheet of clay around the object, lightly stretching if necessary. Trim the clay to form a neat seam. Do not overlap. If desired, gently smooth the seam with your fingers. Finish the piece by wrapping the excess clay onto the bottom of the piece. Trim excess clay on top and bottom as needed. Hint: When wrapping glass objects, it is best to cut out some shapes, exposing the glass in a few areas. This allows air to escape, preventing cracking.
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