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  1. Blue Marbled Coil Dish with paper clips placed in it
    Sculpey Premo™ Marbled Coil Dish

    Starting at $3.29

  2. Liquid Sculpey® Marbled Hearts Bracelet
    Liquid Sculpey® Marbled Hearts Bracelet

    Starting at $3.99

  3. Metal Earrings with Blue and white marbling
    Liquid Sculpey® Metal and Marbled Earrings

    Starting at $3.99

  4. Art Resin Poured Tray with blue detail
    Liquid Sculpey® and Art Resin Poured Tray

    Starting at $3.99

  5. Granite Marble Slab Earrings with purple and blue flowers on them
    Sculpey Premo™ Granite Marble Slab Earrings

    Starting at $0.99

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