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Sculpey® Silk Screen Kit

If intricate designs with metallic paints are the creative flourishes you need to make your projects extraordinary, our Silk Screens stencils for polymer clay are perfect for you, and our kit provides everything you need to make them shine. These highly detailed Silk Screens are a fun and easy way to personalize projects. The Sculpey® Silk Screen Kit includes everything you need to create custom designs and projects in minutes! 

  • This silk screen stencil Kit Includes:
  • 1- 1.1 fl oz Silver Metallic Paint 
  • 1- 1.1 fl oz Gold Metallic Paint 
  • 4 Reusable Silk Screens:
    • 2 Large Single Patterns: Plume, Serenity
    • 12 Mini Patterns: Splatter, Bloom, Royal, Chain Link, Peacock, Scribbles, Swirls, Bricks, Honeycomb, Botanic, Petal, Zebra
  • 1 Squeegee 
  • Silk Screen designs work great with Sculpey® Hollow Bead Maker

With beautiful metallic paint, a squeegee for smoothing, two large patterns and a plethora of smaller patterns in geometric, floral, animal print and other designs, there are so many possibilities for your projects.

How to Use a Sculpey® Silk Screen Kit

Wondering how to put all these products to use to perfect your project? We’ll help you through the process. Start by washing your hands and conditioning or rolling the clay to the thickness you desire on a clean surface — use our Sculpey® Work n' Bake Clay Mat which allows you to work directly on it and then it can go right into the oven!

Each Silk Screen has a matte and a shiny side. Create your patterns with the shiny side face down in the clay. Line up the Silk Screen with the clay and press firmly, smoothing and applying pressure with your fingers. When the sheet is properly pressed into the clay, choose your metallic paint and squeeze a thin line onto the silk screen, just above the pattern you’re embossing. Placing the squeegee in front of the paint line at a 45-degree angle, drag the paint smoothly across your pattern, smoothing the color back and forth until it fills in the pattern completely.

Gently peel off the silk screen and admire the detailed beauty of your decadent design before applying the clay to your projects and baking in your home oven for fantastic finished products. To add intricate detailed designs to your clay creations, try our Sculpey® Silk Screen Kit today.

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