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Sculpey® Flexible Texture Sheet - Landscape

 Add beautiful texture and designs with ease using our flexible texture sheets for polymer clay! Here are the details of these awesome tools:

  • Perfect size (6 1/8" x 5") to go through a clay conditioning machine. 
  • Transparent material allows users to line up design for a seamless pattern. 
  • Perfect for texturing, stamping and using for advanced clay techniques.
  • Two sheets per pack:
    • Sheet 1- 1 large Floral pattern
    • Sheet 2- 6 mini patterns: Paver Brick, Honey Comb, Cherry Blossom, Leaf Vein, Dandelion, Tree Bark

Using a Clay Texture Sheet

Our polymer clay texture sheets are perfect for adding interesting, multi-dimensional designs to any creation. Begin with a clay conditioning machine, pasta machine or clay roller, kneading and conditioning your polymer clay and rolling or shaping it to the thickness you desire in each sheet or item. If you’re working on a flat sheet of clay that you’ll later apply to a project, use some wax paper on your surface so you can easily lift the clay later.

Line up the texture sheet exactly where you want it on your clay, checking through the transparent material to make sure you’ve placed it correctly, then press down firmly with your hands. Use an acrylic roller to add extra pressure. When the texture sheet is embossed fully into the clay, gently peel back the texture sheet and observe the deep, detailed texture in your clay.

As a beautiful way to enhance your patterns for extra effect, use mica powder, acrylic paint or ink on your clay products — the contrast will make every texture and design even more spectacular! 

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