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Design It Templates - General Shapes

These templates will tempt your hands and inspire your imagination as you use them to enhance every craft. Add maximum creativity to all your jewelry, home décor and other projects! Simple to use roll out clay, trace around template and bake. Here’s what’s wonderful about our Design It Templates:

  • 22 shapes to add to your project like tags, hearts, keys, flowers, leaves and more!
  • Add maximum creativity with ease to all of your jewelry, home décor and other projects!
  • Easy to trace, reuseable plastic templates — includes the inside shape.

Projects to Do With Design It Templates

Now that you know all our clay templates can do, what should you use them to make?

If you love necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants of all kinds, jewelry-making is a perfect project to undertake with your templates. Our Design It Templates - Jewelry set comes with options in all shapes and sizes specifically tailored to make jewelry pieces. Mix, match and coordinate different templates to create endless potential possibilities. Key chains and magnets are also ideal because of their small size.

To start off your project, condition and roll out a sheet of clay in the color and with the texture you desire. Pop your plastic templates out of their sheet, pick out the shapes you want to use and position them over the portions of clay you’d like to use. You can put down the positive cutout shapes of the templates and trace around them or lay down the template sheet with the negative shapes and cut inside them, depending on your preference — both methods will give you the same shapes. 

Make sure you work on a hard surface with our Sculpey® Work ‘n Bake Clay Mat beneath the clay so you don’t cut into the table or countertop. With your clay-cutting blade, cut out the shapes you need and smooth the edges with your finger, baking them in the oven when you’re finished. If you’re using the pieces in jewelry or attaching them to a chain, don’t forget to insert a small hole in each before baking — when they come out of the oven, they’re ready to thread! Start your shaped adventures with our Design It Templates today.

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