I get such a kick out of the reactions I’ve witnessed when a person, who’s never seen or really ever heard of polymer clay, sees a piece for the first time.  During the month of April I spent some quality time at physical therapy. The gals I was working with are a super-cool bunch and like to talk and get to know you.  I was asked what my hobbies are and told them I work in polymer clay which earned me some pretty blank stares.  I explained that it’s like Play-Doh for adults but it comes in way more colors and can be baked hard in the oven.  I found myself surrounded by some seriously piqued interest and a flurry of questions ensued.  Q: What do you make out of it?  A: pretty much anything you can think of. Q: Do you make big stuff or little stuff? A: Yes, both.  Q: Is it hard to do this stuff?  A: OMG!  It is so easy!  Q: Are there pictures of this stuff on-line?  A: Heck Yeah!  Just Google “Polymer Clay” and you’ll be amazed by what you find. Q: Can we see some of what you make?  A: Absolutely, I’ll bring it to my next session.

Unbeknownst to the PT ladies I’d already started working on some thank you pieces so I brought one that I had finished.  It ended up getting passed around to all of the therapists and people were so amazed.  “You made this???”  This is made from clay????”  “I didn’t expect so much detail!”  It’s like a whole new world opened up and I remembered feeling that way the first time I saw a piece of polymer clay art.  I don’t think that feeling will ever go away.  I Google, I go on Pinterest, and about anywhere else I can find polymer clay.  The sheer volume of people all over the globe who work with polymer clay plus the variety of techniques, styles, and gorgeous work I encounter just blows me away.  I am so glad I fell into this medium and if you’re reading this I know you are too.