My mother’s china cabinet has always proudly displayed the beautiful china my grandmother painted.  Over the years though, it’s become the repository for my treasures as well.  My old jewelry box my father brought from Japan, a couple of old green Army men we have randomly found years after the battles were waged (we call them Scouts and they are treated with Honor for their years of service), a couple of Coke bottles from the Grand Canyon train, some painted seashells and even an old plastic Easter egg I found still hidden in the backyard (Advice: don’t use the camo eggs – they really work! They can’t find them…)

Of course, many of my polymer treasures are housed in the cabinet as well.  Here is a photo of just one small section:

TBT china cabinet

The wand is from Dotty McMillan, the cat is Krissy Richards, the egg is Mikey Besseler, the frog and turtle are from Bob, the hand is from Marie Segal.  The little basket and the aloha shirt pin are from the infamous Birthday Club.  The carved faux bone bracelet I got at the first Ravensdale.  The red box and the clock are mine. The little marbled frog is from one of my boys.  There is even a tiny little  fairy in a plastic case that has survived 2 decades of boys and animals in my house!  I have walls and chairs and windows that didn’t make it without damage and that little fairy is perfect.  Of course, my boys always respected the china cabinet and see it as a great honor when something gets put into it!