So this comb tool (bottom right) in the new Sculpey Technique  DesignTools set is great for creating bargello.  All you need is a sheet of striped clay and drag the tool perpendicular THROUGH the stripes.  Easy right?  Except how do you get a striped sheet of clay?


I was messing around at my clay table at the Oklahoma Twister Retreat and I took some snakes of scrap clay, and twisted them like we do for marbelized clay.  I ran it through the Clay Conditioning Machine (the pasta machine!) and just sat there with my mouth open looking from the sheet of scrap clay to the machine and back to the clay.  The artists sitting near me were starting to say "Are you OK?"  I seriously think that they thought I might be stroking out or something, but I had accidentally made a beautiful sheet of striped clay AND I REMEMBERED HOW I DID IT!  So I grabbed the comb tool and said, "Watch THIS!"  I dragged it through the clay stripes and everyone appropriately oohed and aahhhed. Then I showed them how I did it and they all had to try it! 

How to Make Striped Polymer Clay

1.  Make "snakes" of your clay colors.  They don't have to be even amounts

2. Twist them together until they are quite tight and then flatten them slightly with your fingers keeping the stripes as

    vertical as you can.

3.  Put the twisted clay through the Clay Conditioning Machine on #1 (wide open) WITH THE STRIPES GOING UP AND DOWN

    (VERTICAL) to the machine rollers.

4.  Drag the comb tool through the clay across the stripes (not with the stripes).  

Now at this point, you can leave the clay with the texture or run it through #2 setting and then #3 setting to remove the texture completely.  A nifty way to use your scraps!