cane \’kan\ n — a polymer clay rod of two or more colors; the colors inside the rod are constructed in such a way that when the rod is cross-sectioned at any point, a 2 dimensional pattern is revealed.

Canes in this tutorial:
The Speckle Cane
The Checkerboard Cane
The Jellyroll Cane
The Pinwheel Cane

Canes are generally comprised of simple patterns that when combined form a quilt-like display of colors and designs. Canes can be used to make beads for jewelry projects. You can also use slices from canes for items like buttons or to cover home decor items.

Each cane that is featured here has been worked into a square cane – when you view it from the cross-section, it is a square. Making each of your simple canes the same square shape, makes it easier to use them together later in a complex pattern.

Note: While making a cane, the clay tends to soften as it becomes the same temperature as your hands. Allowing the cane to firm at room temperature will make it easier to slice and use. For even more firmness place your canes in the refrigerator for a few minutes before slicing.


Jelly Roll Canes, Checkerboard Canes