Polymer clay is used worldwide by everyone from children and hobbyists to professional artists and filmmakers. This oven-bake modeling material is made from a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plastic base and includes coloring agents, polymers, resins and fillers. If you’re searching for the perfect material for your next bead or jewelry project, consider making polymer clay canes! You can also use slices from canes for objects like buttons or for covering home decor items. 

What Is a Polymer Clay Cane?

Polymer clay canes are rods of polymer clay of two or more colors. These rods or logs are made with a design that runs the entire length of the log. If you cross-section or slice the rod at one point, you’ll see a two-dimensional pattern. To reduce a clay cane, all you have to do is squeeze or compress the log you then have to roll them down . Doing this will decrease the size of the diameter as well as the design.

This tutorial includes simple polymer clay cane ideas such as The Speckle Cane, The Checkerboard Cane, The Jellyroll Cane and The Pinwheel Cane. Each polymer clay cane featured in our tutorial below has been formed into a square cane — this uniform shape makes it simpler to use clay canes together in intricate patterns. 

Types of Polymer Clay Canes 

There are hundreds of traditional cane designs out there. To help you get an idea of the different types, we’ve compiled a list of standard polymer clay designs:

  • Round kaleidoscope cane
  • Kaleidoscope cane
  • Butterfly cane
  • Flower cane
  • Leaf cane
  • Retro cane
  • Jellyroll cane
  • Flame cane
  • Bullseye cane

Contact Sculpey® for More Information About Your Polymer Clay Cane Creations 

We want to make your polymer clay journey as enjoyable and straightforward as possible. That’s why we’ve included tutorials such as The Jellyroll Cane and The Checkerboard Cane. Knowledge of these basic canes will serve as building blocks for other, more complex projects.

Enjoy crafting polymer clay canes for a rewarding and useful experience. Browse our polymer clay selection or reach out to us today if you have any questions about our simple polymer clay cane tutorial.

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