Designed by: Gloria Danvers

I live in a beautiful warm city where the trees riot in a profusion of all types of brightly colored trees and bushes blossom every spring.

The clusters of the flowers are alive with movement and joy.
They are not well ordered, they are not trimmed and neat, they are simply bursting forth with beauty knowing no boundaries.

Those flowers are the inspiration for this necklace.

It is adjustable, and light and very sculptural to allow the wearer to be part of the flow of the Art.

The best tip I can give you is when you are making this piece, do not try to be so exact. It is in the fluidity of the subtle mismatching of the pieces that gives it life. It requires a gentle and loving hand. Do not try to over work anything for continuity. There is no continuity, there is just flow.


NOTE: This project also uses Souffle Raspberry and Mandarin, part of the new Souffle colors to be launched around May 1 2019!