Swirled lentil beads are a fun to make bead! I love to see the faces of people as the swirl develops and the bead is finished. Most of the time the patterns that are created are happy accidents, but what if we could control the outcome?? This project uses an approach to swirled lentil beads that allows a level of control in the final look. For this project, a limited rainbow of colors with a splash of glitter creates a bead that will surely brighten your day.

TIME TO COMPLETION: 90 minutes including baking

Note: While making lentil beads is fun, it does take practice. Try it with some scrap clay first. You may need to pick up your bead and re-center it on your work surface as it moves around. You can easily start and stop the circular motion at any time. Just remember to re-start going in the same circular direction as you started. Practice and have fun!