The new Graduated Tear Drop cutters bring your jewelry making to a whole new dimension.

A note about rhinestones/crystals:
If your rhinestones are glass or crystal, you will be able to bake them into place on your piece. Just press them into the clay and make sure the clay comes up around them just a little to hold them into place. If your rhinestones are plastic you will not be able to bake them. Push them into place where you want them to make a well. Then gently lift them back out. Glue them into place later after the clay has been baked. OR- you can simply glue them onto the surface of the clay after baking. Another option is HotFix rhinestones. These have an adhesive on the back that will fuse with the clay while baking. These are safe to put into place on raw clay and will be securely fixed during the baking process.