Burying your mistakes..

We’ve all done it–put together and  finished  a piece of jewelry with what seemed like great colors and patterns at the time; but upon mature reflection, well, not so much. In fact, we’d love to throw it away but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. So our erstwhile experiment goes into the woulda  coulda shoulda pile and we never see it again. Or DO we?

If we remember  a simple truth— that  the beauty of polymer is only skin deep—then the possibilities become endless.  Here is one way to turn that ugly duckling into a gorgeous swan— one we really want to wear.

Design by Randee Ketzel

CLAY USED:  premo! Sculpey Accents Bronze – 3 oz

Please note–I always tweak the basic bronze with gold and green/blue clay  and mix to  my personal preference–you can of course use the Bronze straight out of the package