I’ve had roses on my mind for the past few weeks, want to know why? Well, for three reasons. My mom’s favorite flower has always been roses so I plan on making her a shadow box filled with clay roses and adding a vinyl phrase on the glass using my cutting machine. Second, my son is getting married in September and I am in the process of making about 100 stemless white rose heads for his reception tables that will sit on gold brass candlesticks of various heights. While I was chatting with his beautiful fiancé, I stumbled on this image that inspired the table idea and she loved it!

At that point, I searched the web for different videos or tutorials resulting in the most realistic sculpted roses. I found several and gleaned the best tips and techniques from each. I included air-dry clay and sugar flowers in my search.

Design by Shirley Rufener


CLAYS USED: Premo! Sculpey: White, Spanish Olive