These pendants are so much fun to make. You can choose what goes inside of the porthole, which is encased between two sheets of baked liquid clear clay. You can get as creative as you’d like, they are not limited to an aged or rustic look. You can leave off the porthole details and try some surface techniques or add rhinestones. These can be made into layered bezels for any style jewelry.  Create smaller versions from the Premo! mold for earrings or rings! Caners and miniaturists are going to love the possibilities of these little showcases!

Design by Shirley Rufener

CLAYS USED: premo! Sculpey Accents Bronze – 1 2oz bar; premo! Sculpey Ecru, Jungle, Wasabi – small amounts each

NOTE: the mini seahorse mold is available from Shirley’s website at