This is such an easy project, you’re going to love it! You can vary the look by just using different colors of clay and by adding new embellishments, so you may just have to make a flock of them! First of all, what’s ‘steampunk’ anyway? It’s a look – imagine a mad-scientist/adventurer from turn-of-the-century Victorian London … think of how his clothes and instruments and flying machine would look — that’s steampunk! So to make something in that style, you’ll use lots of metal embellishments like little watch gears, brass screws, that sort of thing. This lil’ blob bird gets his steampunk styling by adding metal beads and watch gears. *Christi Friesen is an award-winning artist working in embellished polymer clay. She is the author of nine books on creating with polymer, and many more articles and projects. You can see more of her work at: