The Inuit people have lived in Greenland and the Ontario region of Canada for perhaps a thousand years, following a nomadic lifestyle based on the game available each season of the year. They honor the “inui” or life force in all things, and still carve gray soapstone sculptures of animals and people to show their respect for all living things. Students will start with blocks of clay and learn to carve away or “subtract” the unneeded portions to reveal the animal form inside.

  • Goals – Students will:
    • Explore the sculpture art of Inuit Native Americans.
    • Condition polymer clay.
    • Stack slabs of clay to make a carving block.
    • Sketch different views of an animal to prepare for carving in 3- dimensional form.
    • Explore subtractive modeling to carve and sculpt an animal symbol or “totem.”
    • Add descriptive textural detailing to complete the small sculptures.