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The design for this project evolved by simply playing with clay, giving curiosity and serendipity the upper hand. But it is meant to be abstract, allowing the viewer to find the story that speaks to them. While I will outline techniques during this tutorial, artists are encouraged to use their own sense of creativity to make the design their own.

The birch artist’s panels were chosen to allow the finished product to be hung or stand independently on a flat tabletop or shelf. The sides of the panels can be left natural or painted as the artist desires. You can create one or more panels for your artwork!


Designed by:  Lyn Tremblay

We love that Sculpey is the perfect medium to embellish with! Have an old pieces that needs a make over? or want to add a little more to a store bought item? Sculpey is just want you need!

Here’s something fun and easy for all skill levels. For this bracelet I chose mica flakes, but you’ll want to try tiny, baked polymer clay cane slices, mylar confetti, glitter and shells.

Design by Teresa Pandora Salgado



Pluffy is so lightweight it floats, making bath time toys the perfect project. It’s also soft and squishy and easy to shape into your favorite sea life critters.

By Amy Koranek


This miniature can be used as a decoration for people who love architecture or miniatures. I came up with this design after looking at french architecture. It’s good to plan out the rooms and sketch a quick design before beginning. Always keep in mind the scale of the house, if you want it to be perfect a scale ruler will help with this.


Designed by: Oliver Penilla

This video includes learning the simple loop and ear wire technique.

Desigers Note: These simple earrings are constructed from the beads we made in the Sculpey University Jewelry Basics – Creating Opal Beads:

Project and Video by Amy Koranek

This clever wreath can go through the seasons.  A quick change of the Fall leaves to Spring leaves creates a wonderful new look!

Design by syndee holt

The Dremel Stylo tool is a great way to add detail and texture to your baked Souffle!

Design by syndee holt

Wedding season is in full swing and Mandalas are the perfect simple, delicate and detailed design to embellish your wedding decor with.  Not only are these beautiful they are very easy to make with the new Sculpey Silicone Bakeable Mold – Mandala.

Take a dive through the odds & ends drawer to find some scrap parts for your Backpack Buddies.

Design by Amy Koranek

Imagine how fun your party table will look with these clever characters taking center stage!

Design by Helen Terlalis Dorn

Staz On and VersaMagic inks play very well with Sculpey Souffle clay! This gorgeous cuff was actually pretty quick and simple to make using the Sculpey Bracelet Cuff as a mold to form and bake on.

Design by syndee holt

This bracelet is a show stopper!

Designed by: Patricia Kimle Designs


NOTE: the Premo Sculpey Cuff Bracelet blank is used for this project.

This is Part One of a two part series on Jewelry Basics.

Project and Video by Amy Koranek

I’ll warn you right now – these are ADDICTIVE to make!

A cool combination of Souffle, surface techniques and Liquid Sculpey colors.

NOTE: Souffle Concrete can be substituted for the mix used below – or try using Cowboy..or Jade…or Royalty

Design by syndee holt

I was staring into space thinking there should be a prettier name for a “wall hanging” than … wall hanging. I googled around until I found the French phrase pour le mur (“for the wall”) I had to smile when I heard it pronounced, because it sounds like a sexy version of “polymer”.


This project is a major creative funfest because it has so many possibilities.  For this one, I placed the paler embossed pieces on one side and the darker silk screened pieces on the other side to make it reversible; but you can mix them up in all kinds of ways.

Design by Teresa Salgado

This unique pendant can be worn with casual as well as office wear.  The touch of gold in the background of the image highlights the gold on the pendant.

Note: The paper used for my transfer is Hammermill (Inkjet or Copy Plus)  Do not use a recycled paper as they tend to have a very thin sheet of plastic between the paper fiber.


Design by syndee holt

Keep your charging cord organized and your phone safe by hanging it at the wall socket in this little pocket. Choose the color of your choice. Soufflé is the perfect clay because it is so strong and flexible.

Design by Amy Koranek

This project uses the new Sculpey® Silicone Mandala Mold!

These great bracelets started with a photo I took on my travels.  I converted it to black and white and started transferring to clay.  I love the results!

Design by syndee holt


NOTE: I use the Sculpey Bracelet Blank for this project.  I remove the blank after baking and I can use the blank over and over!

I also use Hammermill Copy Plus paper for my transfers.  Basically, any true wood fiber paper should work.  I’ve found that recycled papers have a thin sheet of plastic in the middle, so they don’t transfer at all.

When design and detail meet the eye.

Design by Pierre Santos

With a passion for nature and wildlife, my backyard serves as an excellent source for creative inspiration.  It is fun to bring a touch of the outdoors into the home by designing a jar terrarium.

Designed By:       Laura Kelly Walters

Add a little tinkling mobile to your worktable or garden with this cute design

Design by syndee holt


NOTE: This project utilizes the new Sculpey Silicone Butterfly mold!

Create a Narwhal to hold your phone for you while your hands are busy. If you like, you can build just the Narwhal to hold your phone horizontally. Or, if you want to add the waves and water, your Narwhal buddy can hold your phone in different directions.

I love the lacy look of liquid clay in these gorgeous Sculpey Mandala Molds; and liquid clay earrings are so light and comfortable to wear. For this project I used the Clear; but I couldn’t stop there. I made earrings like these with Sculpey Bakeable Liquid Clay in Tinted Translucent, Tinted Clear, White, Gold, Silver, and my favorite, Black. The black ones remind me of something you’d see on a Spanish dancer.

Design by Teresa Salgado


NOTE: This project uses the new Sculpey Mandala Silicone Mold and Squeegee

Learning about landforms is far more effective for children when they have hands on experience.  Through the designing and creating of a volcano, many elements and aspects can be identified.

Designed By:       Laura Kelly Walters


The Terra Cotta version of Original Sculpey was used for this project

Why pay a small fortune for knobs when you can create them yourself in an afternoon?

Design by Phoebe Doehring

Inspired by graphic design trends, this necklace combines geometric patterns to a nice colorfull marble effect, with easy made tassels.

Designed by: Marion Le Coq, aka Fancy Puppet


NOTE: if you have a Clay Conditioning Machine, you can use it to make your layers flat and smooth!

For my inspiration I looked up “splash” images. I referred to the images to help me create shapes that were different from each other but still looked like water splashing. I thought this was the perfect icon for a coaster set.

Design by Amy Koranek

You can write or color with Marvy Le Plume Permanent Markers on Ultralight (UL) before or after it is baked. This will give you a lot of versatility in the way that you choose to work on your project. The plume shape of the marker tips makes it so easy to create a dry brush effect across the top of the textures leaving the bright white of the UL to show off the details. I chose UL for this project because of how lightweight it is in creating a larger wall hanging.

I love doodling and so this project was really fun for me. I got to doodle both in oven bake clay and in markers.

I don’t know about you, but I adore weird looking stuff. In fact, my goal is to create something I’ve never seen before. Translucent clay always opens my mind and tickles my imagination. Try it over different colors and with different shaped cores; and I’ll bet you’ll get hooked on Translucent too.

Design by Teresa Salgado