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I chose a Lilac Breasted Roller for my bird pin. You can easily adapt this technique to your favorite bird or animal!

Design by Amy Koranek

We love the look of marbled clay!! We will teach you how to get two totally different looks from one marbling project! Make as pair for both you and your bestie!!

These cute critters will look great on your homework desk or kitchen!

Design by Amy Koranek

This fun bracelet features some easy mix “custom” colors and a simple way to texture beads!

Design by syndee holt

Mixing Colors Technique
Read on to learn how to make some of our favorite clay color mixes!

Dream it, create it! Maggie Maggio’s Color Mixing Map is the key to color mixing using premo! Sculpey. Simple and straight forward, the map uses three basic premo! colors: Zinc Yellow, Cobalt Blue and Fuchsia. premo! is the perfect mixing clay because the primaries do not contain white.
Maggie Maggio has explored color for over thirty years. Trained as an architect and designer, Maggie discovered polymer clay in the early 1990′s and immediately recognized its potential for 3D color. Maggie and Lindly Haunani are co-authors of the book Polymer Clay Color Inspirations, published by Watson-Guptill/Random House.
(click to enlarge map):
Maggie Maggio Mixing Map for premo!

November 2018




















October 2018





























September 2018




















August 2018




















July 2018





























June 2018




















May 2018





























April 2018





























March 2018




















February 2018




















January 2018





















December 2017 (syns favorites from the year)

feb2017-1 feb2017-5a JUN NCT 2017-1 MAR NCT 2017-3

sep 2017 oct2017-x AUG2017-1














November 2017

NOV NCT 2017-1 NOV NCT 2017-2 NOV NCT 2017-3 NOV NCT 2017-4











October 2017

OCT2017-4 OCT2017-5 OCT2017-3 oct2017-2 oct2017-1












September 2017

SEP 2017-3 SEP 2017-4 SEP2017-1


















August 2017

AUG2017-1a AUG2017-4 AUG2017-5a







aug2017-3 AUG2017-2








July 2017

JUL NCT 2017-4 JUL NCT 2017-3 JUL NCT 2017-2a JUL NCT 2017-1













June 2017

JUN NCT 2017-1 JUN NCT 2017-2 JUN NCT 2017-3 JUN NCT 2017-4













May 2017

MAY2017-2 MAY 2017-1

MAY2017-5 MAY2017-4 MAY2017-3














April 2017

APR NCT 2017-1a APR NCT 2017-2a APR NCT 2017-3B APR NCT 2017-4











March 2017

MAR NCT 2017-4 MAR NCT 2017-3 MAR NCT 2017-2 MAR NCT 2017-1











February 2017

feb2017-5c feb2017-5b feb2017-5a





feb2017-3 feb2017-2 feb2017-1




















January 2017

JAN NCT 2017-5 JAN NCT 2017-4 JAN NCT 2017-3

JAN NCT 2017-2











December 2016 (favorites for the year)

Oct2016-1 NCTSep1_9 NCTJuly1_1








NCTAug1_9 NCTApril_3 July-2015-2a









November 2016

NovNCT2016-5c NovNCT2016-5b NovNCT2016-5a







NovNCT2016-3a NovNCT2016-2a NovNCT016-1








October 2016

Oct2016-5a Oct2016-4 Oct2016-3








Oct2016-2 Oct2016-1








September 2016













NCTSep1_2 NCTSep1







August 2016





















July 2016







































June 2016

Jun NCT 3a







Jun NCT 4







Jun NCT 2







Jun NCT 3







Jun NCT 1








May 2016

1 to 1s






May 1







May 4







May 3







May 2






April 2016




































NCTApril final_1









March 2016



































February 2016








Feb NCT-3







Feb NCT-4







Feb NCT-2a






Feb NCT-1







January 2016

































November 2015

Nove 2015-4







Nov 2015-3a







Nov 2015-4a






Nov 2015-2a







Nov 2015-2







Nov 2015-1







October 2015:

Oct 2015-3







Oct 2015-4







Oct 2015-2a







Oct 2015-2







Oct 2015-1







September 2015:

NCT Sep 2015-5







NCT Sep 2015-4







NCT Sep 2015-3a







NCT Sep 2015-3







NCT sep 2015-2







NCT Sep 2015-1






August 2015:

NCT Aug 2015-2







NCT Aug 2015 bonus









NCT Aug 2015-1-1







July 2015-3



July 2015






July 2015-4







July 2015-2a






July 2015-2







July 2015-1b







NCT June 2015-5

June 2015






NCT Jun 2015-4







NCT Jun 2015-3b







NCT Jun 2015-3a







NCT Jun 2015-1b







NCT June 2015-1a1







May 2015-3







Mar 3a






May 2015-2






May 2015-1

April final

Apr 2015-2

Apr 2015-1

Apr 2015-3

April 5

Mar 3a


Apr 2015-4

Apr 2015-4a

Mar 4

Mar 5b

Mar 5a

Mar 2

Mar 1b1

Mar 3-1

Mar 3a

Mar 1d

Mar 3b

Mar 1c

Mar 1a

Feb colors final

Feb 4

Feb 3

Feb 2 fuschia

Feb 1 yellow


Jan 4 Souffle all

Jan 4 Souffle-Gold

Jan 4 purple

Jan 4 Fuchsia

Jan 4 CB

Jan 3 Green

Jan 3 BGP

Jan 3 Jungle

Jan 3 wasabi

Jan 2 red

Jan 2 Orange

Jan 2 Yellow1

Jan 1 Premo Red

Jan 1 MP

Jan 1 Bronze 1

Jan 1 AC

Premo! Green and Ultramarine Blue

Premo! Green, Ultramarine Blue and Turquoise

#9 From April - Mai Tai and Sea Glass make a really cool grey

Dec 5

Dec 5 3x

Dec 3

Pantone Lucite Green 14-5714 Color Report Spring 2015

Dec 1b

Dec 1 3x






Oct 4

oct 3


Oct 2a

sep 5

sep 5a

























This project lends itself to endless colors and designs!

Designed by: Patricia Kimle Designs


NOTE: Mixed scrap clay can be used for the base of the bracelet instead of new White Premo


This clever garland is a MUST for rustic holiday decor!  It can even remain long after the holidays.

Design by Amy Koranek


Project and Video by Amy Koranek

The Leaf Cane is one of the most basic and simple canes. It’s a combination of a Skinner Blend Jelly Roll Plug, a Bulls’ Eye Cane. The cane is then sliced and reassembled. The Leaf Cane is different from the others in the Basic Canes series because it is triangular in shape instead of round. Practicing good technique is important to creating accurate canes. Once you have mastered making simple canes with good technique, you will be able to combine your simple canes together to create more complex ones.

This DIY embroidery hoop, is inspired by Boho and dream catchers trends.


This adorable crew of pet pencil toppers are each designed around the simple shape of a ball.

Designs by Amy Koranek

This project was inspired from an original mixed media collage I made several years ago.  This bouquet would look lovely on your fireplace mantle in the Spring to add a pop of color to the room.  Tips:  Safety glasses and gloves are recommended when using dark annealed steel wire.

Designed by:  Maggie Van Zandt

This little guy would be comfortable in just about any resin (or bakeable) holiday feature you want to use!

Design by Helen Terlalis Dorn

Adding texture is a quick and beautiful way to create an amazing piece of jewelry!  We paired our gold clay with our granite clay to create an on trend must have accessory!

Designed by:      AJ Productions

This cheery guy will fit any Winter decor!

Design by Helen Terlalis Dorn

These creative works of art are fun to make and fun to give. They are completely functional but please, hand wash them so they can be useful for a long time.

Design by Amy Koranek

Gold and Granite Clay Jewelry

Adding texture is a quick and beautiful way to create an amazing piece of jewelry!  We paired our gold clay with our granite clay to create an on trend must have accessory!

Decorating for the holidays is so easy using Sculpey Liquid Bakeable Medium!  Get the look of a dirty pour inside a glass ornament! Host an ornament exchange with your friends! Everyone will want the handmade ones you bring!!

A decorative match box makes a beautiful finishing touch to the gift of a candle. You can even make the box coordinate to any color scheme. This is also a great project to use up scrap clays  since scrap clays make beautiful patterns using this technique.

By Amy Koranek

What a perfect guardian for your room or your home desk!  A bendy robot!!

Design by Amy Koranek

Create a Sweet Illuminated Gingerbread house scene that you can decorate how you wish. Make multiple versions to showcase along your dessert table this Christmas or just make one that can be displayed under a glass dome.

Swirly Designs by Lianne and Paul Stoddard

I know what you are going to say, “Oh, I’ve seen that technique before and it looks hard!”  Would it help if I told you that this is the FIRST time I’ve done a Mica Shift when I wasn’t just messing around with a piece of scrap? How about if I also told you that “patience” is never used to describe me?

Design by syndee holt

How fun to create your own custom gift tags using polymer clay!

Design by Gretchen Amberg

Decorating for the holidays is so easy with oven-bake clay! Our clay works perfectly with glass ball ornaments to create awesome decorations or gifts! Host an ornament exchange with your friends! Everyone will want the handmade ones you bring!!

Looking to add even more flavor to your wine glass? We teamed up with Dremel to create a fun set of wine glasses! Add your own personalized wine charms and a fun message! These marbled wine charms are the perfect pop of color to help keep track of your guests beverages.

Kids can easily create Sculpey III holiday peppermints and candy canes. Their finished designs can be used to create ornaments, holiday décor, jewelry and gifts. Parents and teachers will need to help with the slicing and baking.

Designed By: Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza

Matte Black clay and Metallic Foils make a dynamic duo when combined with textures and shapes!  A little something sleek and shiny to wear for your holiday festivities!

Design by syndee holt

These bowls are inspired by leather bowls or trays. They don’t need a baking form or any special tools and can be made in any size you like! Change up the veneers and clay colors on the top and bottom for endless variations.

Designed by: Krithika Parthan

Project and Video by Amy Koranek

Discover methods for using bead wire, crimping beads and a finishing loop and bar toggle.

Designer’s Note: This simple bracelet is constructed from the beads we made in the Sculpey University Jewelry Basics – Creating Opal Beads:

premo! Sculpey® Accents Opal 16mm baked beads (5)

premo! Sculpey® Accents Tinted Sunset Pearl 13mm baked beads (1)

premo! Sculpey® Accents Tinted Periwinkle 13mm baked beads (1)

premo! Sculpey® Accents Tinted Teal Pearl 13mm baked beads (1)

premo! Sculpey® Accents White Gold 13mm baked beads (2)

The clever ornament will be welcome in any new house!

Design by Phoebe Doehring

In the fall I love collecting acorns for my mini-mule, Buttermilk and my mini-donkey, Biscuit to eat. But they don’t eat the acorn hats! So I have lots and lots of acorn hats. I carefully harvested the hats and brought them into my studio for the inspiration for this Autumn wreath. The colors of Kunin Felt and Sculpey® Souffle worked perfectly together like they were made for each other.