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Liquid Sculpey helps make a store-bought garland one-of-a-kind! Decorate your dorm room or personal space with this colorful and unique garland.

The key to this great Sculpey polymer clay wall hanging is to make a Mokume Gane slab with leaf patterns in it to create a family of leaves that are each unique yet perfectly coordinated.

Sculpey Souffle clays and the Sculpey Hexagon cutters team up to help upcycle a clean food can from your kitchen.

In this project I’ve highlighted areas of the design, created with Souffle clay and a Sculpey texture sheet,  with thin layers of Liquid Sculpey.  You can also play around with this idea using mica powders or chalks to get your own personal style and color combination.

Sculpey Premo makes these eye-catching gift tags a snap to make!  Your gift recipient can then display the tag on their tree or table.


Design by Gretchen Amberg

You can customize the Sculpey Precious Pet Keepsake kit with Souffle and the Sculpey Pet mold to make your own unique pet ornament.

Sculpey III and the Sculpey Textures make these earrings quick and easy to make.  In fact, make a pair for all your favorite outfits or your favorite friends!

Liquid Sculpey teams up with gold leafing material to create a spectacular multi-colored pendant with a flash of gold beneath the colors.


<i>Artist note: While I was trying to get this technique perfectly down so I could share it with you, I made a lot of these pieces. So please forgive me if the one in the finished photo doesn’t look like it matches the step by step photos. It really doesn’t match and the liquids won’t move on you. I just took the photos of the wrong version. </i>

Sculpey Souffle makes it so fun to create a multimedia pendant filled with colors, textures, beads and a unique shape! Use these colors or select your own palette!

Create an ethereal necklace using Sculpey oven bake clay, Sculpey Liquid bakeable medium, and the Sculpey Whimsy Moon and Stars mold.

These clever snowmen ornaments are almost as fun to build with Bake Shop clays as they are with real snow!


Design by Gretchen Amberg

Premo Sculpey becomes a brilliant backdrop for these custom made snowflakes created with Liquid Sculpey.

Liquid Sculpey teams up with a Borrowed resin mold makes it easy to make cool shaped pendants!

This fun pendant is a show stopper and the Souffle color combinations are endless! The Souffle clay stays so crisp in the Mokume Gane design, it will take your breath away!

Create an on-trend inspirational notebook using Sculpey Liquid Clay and a Sculpey Silicone Mold and an everyday composition notebook. The Liquid Sculpey three dimensional are simple to make with the mold  to help you create these quick and easy gifts.


Design by Iris Weiss

These cool earrings, created with Premo Accents Metallic clays,  are unique because of a simple fold in the shape!  Add a coordinating tassel for a boho look.

Souffle clay makes this quick and easy design makes a simple frame look like a million bucks!  Simple strips of leather-look Cinnamon Souffle are embellished with chain pressed into it.


Sculpey III helps you make a keychain to match your own personal style with these simple bead making techniques.  This design would make a wonderful pendant as well!



Sculpey silkscreens and Bright Green Pearl Premo Accents clay make creating this striking pendant quick and easy!


Sculpey Glow in the Dark clay is so perfect for creating a friendly space alien that will glow at night from your desktop or nightstand.

Sculpey Premo teams up with the Sculpey Nature silkscreen to create this delightful necklace.  Once my daughter Lucy looked at a field of dandelions and she said, “Mom, look at all those wishes!” This silk screen reminds me of dandelion seeds so I’m calling it “Wishes Necklace”.

This friendly little guy, created with Sculpey Pluffy clay, will love to hang out with you in your room! Then make a few for your friends!

This fun bracelet, created with Premo clays, features lots of colors and textures! Mix and match your own colors and textures to create the bracelet in your own way.

This Sculpey Premo earring project was inspired by Ann and Karen Mitchel of AnKara Designs. Their simple method for embedding metal components into the clay makes jewelry construction quick and easy.

We all have those bead stashes and bits of Sculpey clay we keep meaning to use…this is the PERFECT opportunity to use them!  Don’t have a stash? Now is your time to start one!

Liquid Sculpey and the Sculpey Silicone Jewelry Mold team up with some small multimedia pieces to give you the perfect opportunity to create a unique pendant that matches your personal style.

Designer’s Note – I use miniature paper baking liners for mixing Liquid Sculpey for projects that require only a small amount of each color. If I’m mixing up several different colors, I use a mini muffin baking pan to hold the paper cups steady while I’m mixing. When I’m all finished with a project, I fill my mold with any remaining tinted LS and bake the pieces to save for later projects. Then I bake the paper cups with the residue of the LS in them. When they are completely cool the cups can be discarded. The paper cups I use are from the baking department and designed for use as mini cupcake liners.

It’s fun to plan a multimedia box, looking around the store for the box and then the embellishments.  I was fortunate to have my son and his girlfriend with me while I shopped and they actually found this box for me! I knew that I had JUST THE PIECE of  scrapbook paper that would pop against the light gray of the pre-painted box and I picked all my other embellishments with this in mind. Enhance the textures of your clay using a wash of acrylic paint across your favorite textured Premo clay color! I also made use of the flexibility of the baked clay to create thin “straps” that were wrapped across the curved top of the box.

These quick and easy earrings, created with Sculpey Souffle,  are so fun to make and wear, you will want them in all colors! Add a dramatic element to your textured clay by enhancing the texture with mica powders.

Liquid Sculpey allows you to create a window cling from just about anything you can trace! All the wonderful colors of Liquid Sculpey can even be mixed to create custom colors.

This wonderful little dish, created with luscious Sculpey III is a snap to make and will get daily use!  This is an excellent project to use your scrap colors on as well.