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I love findings. I think they “make” a jewelry piece. In this case, the jewelry is literally made with the findings. There are hundreds of bezels and findings to choose from; and they’re available in craft stores and online in gold, silver, black, copper, gun metal, and my favorite, antique brass. These are so easy, you’ll want to try them all.

Design by Teresa “Pandora” Salgado

Project and Video by Amy Koranek

The Ikat Cane mimics a very specific textile process of weaving dyed threads on a loom. Here the Ikat is shown in only two colors – black & white – for high visibility. Once you have the process down, you may want to experiment with making your Ikat Canes with several colors to achieve a variety of effects.


You will need to use the Checkerboard Cane in Black & White from Sculpey® University Course: premo! Cane Series – Checkerboard Cane. Find it

Create marbleized pendants with Souffle clay and add a drop or two of essential or fragrance oil to create a scented pendant.

Designed By: Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza

Introduction: Add a mermaid’s touch to any oil diffuser by creating marbleized scales with Souffle clay.

Designed By: Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza

Whether you are going to the playground or the concert fairgrounds, this  mixed media unicorn headband will be the talk of the event!

Design by Phoebe Doehring

These bold earrings will be the life of the party, made with pretty gray marbled clay, complemented by deep burgundy gloss and mustard tassels.

Designed by: Julia Segal of Good Jules Design


Want to make your own tassels? Julia recommends this tutorial.

These clever earrings will become addictive to make and wear!

Design by Amy Koranek

This cool little elephant will look great with your favorite plant in it!



The Checkerboard Cane is one of the most basic and simple canes. You can incorporate as many colors as you like but typically a checkerboard is two contrasting colors. The Checkerboard Cane is different from the others in the Basic Canes series because it is a square cane instead of round. Practicing good technique is important to creating accurate canes. Once you have mastered making simple canes with good technique, you will be able to combine your simple canes together to create more complex ones.

Project and Video by Amy Koranek

Create quick and easy patriotic bbq tags for your 4th of July celebrations!

Building in layers with Liquid Sculpey creates a lovely, sparkling pendant!

Design by Gretchen Amberg

The Skinner Blend results in a gradation of colors from light to dark and creates beautiful depth; the Blend was developed by Judith Skinner. It is important to keep your work space clean and to frequently clean your hands after using other colors.

These earrings and rings are so quick and easy to make with the Sculpey Silkscreen kit!  The combination of the Graphite clay and the gold paint is a clever twist on the standard black and gold color scheme.

Design by syndee holt

The My Little Pony inspired figure will be a hit with someone on your gift list – even if it’s YOU!

Design by Pascaluna, Where Imagination Lives

Create a designer gift bag or box using dollar store 50 cent bag or box embellished with Bake Shop Clay and a few simple tools.

Designed by: Iris Weiss

Sculpey Etch n’ Pearls are one of the most under-rated, but powerful tools in a clayers toolbox.  syndee holt show us how she uses them to major advantage in these colorful geometric pendants.  She also gives us tons of hints along the way for using these tools.

Design by syndee holt


Designer Note:  You can use any combination of colors you wish as well as adding Premo or Premo Accents for these pendants.

Whether this clever frame is displayed on your desk or grandma’s refrigerator, it’s sure to be a highlight!

Design by Gretchen Amberg

Be prepared for your next concert, festival, or party appearance with this flower crown. Match the colors to your concert going ensemble for an accessory that ties it all together. It’s finished with a purchased stretchy headband that makes it easy to wear. Put on your favorite music and let’s get creative!

Design by Amy Koranek

NOTE: A Sculpey Acrylic Roller can be substituted for the Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine for this project

Jenny will show you how to stamp a texture into the clay surface without sticking.

Project and Video by Jenny Bezingue

Create a Charming Owl pendant using color theory and mokume gane techniques presented by Amy Koranek in her video.

Make a mini dollhouse for your dolls or as personalized gift complete with itsy-bitsy furniture. I used Sculpey Soufflé for the roof and roof tiles since it makes the structure very strong but light. By using different clays, it will look as though different parts of the house were made using different materials, just like a real house! The windows are made using Sculpey Liquid Bakeable Clay which allows light to pass through it. You can also use different premo Sculpey Accents to simulate pearl-effect floors and granite kitchen counters. Dollhouse is like an ongoing collage project so keep adding mini accents to give it more character and detail.

This clever project combines Premo and Liquid Bakeable Clay to  will help you create some show-stopping earrings!

Design by Sherri Kellberg

What a great addition to a bathroom, pool room, even MY bedroom!

Design by Phoebe Doehring

Looking for the perfect gift or want to  jazz up your bar tools? This DIY Natasha Mirror Image technique is an easy to achieve technique that will have your friends asking ‘where did you buy that?’

This whimsical little house belongs in every garden!

Design by Linda Hollander

Creating this little steampunk fox will help you explore: Sculpting with Polymer, Creating Personality, Adding Texture, Adding Embellishments to Polymer, Using Powders, Using Tools

Design by Christi Friesen

Bar-B-Que in style with dad’s favorite sports team colors!

Design by Amy Koranek

Use acrylic paint to create different effects on baked polymer clay.


Video by Jenny Bezingue