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These earrings are so quick and easy, you will want a pair in TONS of colors!

Choose any pattern you like to pull off this fabric and Sculpey summer fun bracelet. This idea was adapted from a doll-making class I took with Maureen Carlson of Weefolk Creations. Maureen uses Liquid Sculpey to laminate fabric to Premo Sculpey to achieve the realistic look of clothing for her doll sculptures.

Encircle your wrist with a cluster of stars featuring Galaxy Glitter, Opal, and Pearl Premo.



NOTE: Premo Sculpey Galaxy clay launching 8/26/19!

This stunning pendant will sure to garner compliments when you wear it!


<<needs final shot>>

Sculpeys new texture sheet sets have a large texture that is perfect for switch covers, boxes and other larger areas.



A glass vase is covered in colorful squares of translucent clay. Use with a candle or add a string of those cool little mini lights inside to show off the beautiful translucent squares!  Hey, you can even use it as a vase!


NOTE: Clay amount will be dependent on the size of the vase. Mine is about 6 inches high by 3 inches deep.



This is a unique bracelet that is so simple to make! It’s a great project to do with your friends.


The colorful little guy can hang in your favorite houseplant!

Let your new Furry Friend sit on a shelf in your room, give it to a friend, or make as a special present for someone you love.

These quick little earrings are a show stopper!  They look GREAT in ANY color in the Souffle family.


Our oven-bake clay is easy to use and comes out great every time! Spend an afternoon as a family, give your students a chance to unwind and take a break from their studies — or step up your babysitting game! Create tons of space adventures with your new rocket ship!  Customize yours for your favorite adventures as well!

You’re dog’s leash will be stylishly displayed and always ready hanging from this Dog Walk Leash Holder.

This amazing necklace is a great way to combine your Liquid Sculpey with your bar Sculpey!


<<Need final photo and cutters added>>

These earrings are right on trend with the mixed metals and stone!  Wear with your jeans or cocktail dress for a real conversation starter.


Irregular Oval Cutter launching soon!

This little Owl Trinket Dish is the perfect desk topper for all your odds and ends!

Create this intricate looking mosiac frame with ease using the Sculpey Triangle Mosiac cutter!

This little guy, snuggling on his tree branch will be a cool addition to your bookshelf or houseplant!

Follow these simple instructions to make a snuggly sloth of your own!


The suede-like finish of Souffle is perfect to create these easy and beautiful keychains! This texture also reminds me of the patterns my father used to stamp into leather.



This statement piece necklace looks difficult, but it is super easy to create!

We all have those bits and baubles we are saving for that special project – this is that project! The Sculpey heart cutters make it so easy and fun to do.



These fun little bracelets are a great slumber party project, weekend project or anytime project!

This is a great project for beginner to advanced clay artists!

These cool little earrings have lots of textures and colors!

Nothing says tropical beaches, sunsets, and sunshine like a pineapple!  Here is one you can wear all year long.

Have some kids to entertain?  This cute little dinosaur will keep them busy both building and playing with it after baking!

The Twisted Bead is a great way to show off two patterns in coordinating colors. Adding the curve to the bead allows it to be worn neatly at the collar or below. The curve keeps the bead from spinning.

Filling the Lace Silicone Mold with two colors adds depth to the design and strength to the finished piece.

In this project we use Liquid Sculpey® to make molded decorative pieces and as an antiquing medium. Tinting the Liquid Sculpey® customizes the finished piece to just the right look.

Create a clever little tray to hold a remote or even a couple of summer drinks!