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Sculpey Original Granite teams up with Sculpey III String Bean to create a beautiful pair of modern drop earrings. Original Granite is a perfect balance to any other color you wish to pair it with.

Design by Gretchen Amberg


Use Liquid Sculpey to create a one-of-a-kind card for a special someone. These lovely little evergreen pieces were drawn freehand on a piece of glass over and over. Once baked, they could be assembled into many different iconic symbols of the season. Here I’ll show you how to make a wreath for a holiday card.

Sculpey Original White and Sculpey Original Granite clays team up to make this great Art Deco-style planter – perfect for some faux succulents at your desk!

Design by Gretchen Amberg


Always wanted to try your hand at sculpting?  This is the project for you!  Maria walks the reader through every step to create these wonderful whimsical Santas that are destined to be family keepsakes.

Souffle clay colors are perfect for showing off your blending skills! The Skinner Blend is arguably the most important special technique in polymer clay. This is a technique to smoothly (and hopefully in control) blend 2 or more colors. Syndee shows us a different way to create a blend that she learned from Judith Skinner.

NOTE: You can use YOUR favorite way to create a Skinner blend!

Use some of your Souffle scrap clays to make these easy and lovely earrings. It only takes a bit of clay to dress up some metal filigree. And the filigree is so easy to decorate because it just grabs onto the clay.


 – For my earrings I used the scraps from the Twisted and Curved Focal Bead project. Use up some scrap clays that you have from canes or Mokume Gane slices

The clever Sculpey Premo bracelet has a secret bonus – it’s reversible! The Sculpey Square cutters make the project super quick to make. You can swap out the colors for your own as well.

Sculpey Souffle clay is such a durable and flexible clay (in thinner layers) that I extrude it to create these quick and easy bracelets. I’ve worn one of these cool little guys for over a year and that means in the shower and the pool!


NOTE: I’ve used Souffle Bluestone and Jade for these bracelets, but you can use ANY Souffle color or mix you wish!  The cool thing about Souffle is that if you run it through the pasta machine, it looks like cured leather.  If you extrude it, the clay takes on a suede look and feel.  Either way in just a couple of wearings, the clay will start to take on a natural smoothness like leather (and or suede).  My friends still swore my bracelets were leather until I quickly showed them that they were waterproof!

Bake Shop clays make this project a quick and easy project for an afternoon of fun!

Silk Screen printing on liquid clay? You think that is not possible? Well, you might want to try these hoop earrings and find out how….!  And after you see how she uses her molds, you will never look at a silicone mold in quite the same way!


NOTE: A small amount of Premo or Souffle scrap clay is needed for this project as well.

Sculpey III makes this clever heart shaped cord holder a snap to make! Need some gifts for your office mates? How about your book club members or even your kids teachers? And, of course, don’t forget yourself!

The Sculpey Lace Mandala mold and Liquid Sculpey team up to help create this unique personalized stocking for that special person on your list!

The Sculpey Heart Mold  teams up with Liquid Sculpey and small metal inclusions to make it easy to depict what’s going on inside the heart with a little steampunk flair.

Premo Accents makes it fun to create your own decorated wreath!  The kit features traditional holiday colors with just a touch of sparkle.


This project features the exclusive clay colors found in the Sculpey III Holiday Glitter Kit: Holiday Glitter Colors: Snowy White, Holly Red, Jolly Gold, Hot Chocolate, Wreath Green, Coal Black


Liquid Sculpey allows you to doodle yourself a one of a kind bracelet entirely made of Liquid Sculpey. This bracelet is reversible too!

Use Liquid Sculpey and the new silicone jewelry mold to create a beautiful bookmark for that traditional print book reader in your life.  With these beautiful book marks reading gets even more stylish!

The tropical-style colors of Souffle clay are perfect to create this gorgeous tropical flower and leaf incense holder.

Sculpey III teams up with a  variation of a classic clay technique called the Skinner Blend to create these beautiful ombre earrings.

Sculpey III helps your dog’s leash to be stylishly displayed and always ready hanging from this Sculpey embellished Dog Walk Leash Holder.

Liquid Sculpey helps make a store-bought garland one-of-a-kind! Decorate your dorm room or personal space with this colorful and unique garland.

The key to this great Sculpey polymer clay wall hanging is to make a Mokume Gane slab with leaf patterns in it to create a family of leaves that are each unique yet perfectly coordinated.

Sculpey Souffle clays and the Sculpey Hexagon cutters team up to help upcycle a clean food can from your kitchen.

In this project I’ve highlighted areas of the design, created with Souffle clay and a Sculpey texture sheet,  with thin layers of Liquid Sculpey.  You can also play around with this idea using mica powders or chalks to get your own personal style and color combination.

Sculpey Premo makes these eye-catching gift tags a snap to make!  Your gift recipient can then display the tag on their tree or table.


Design by Gretchen Amberg

You can customize the Sculpey Precious Pet Keepsake kit with Souffle and the Sculpey Pet mold to make your own unique pet ornament.

Sculpey III and the Sculpey Textures make these earrings quick and easy to make.  In fact, make a pair for all your favorite outfits or your favorite friends!

Liquid Sculpey teams up with gold leafing material to create a spectacular multi-colored pendant with a flash of gold beneath the colors.


<i>Artist note: While I was trying to get this technique perfectly down so I could share it with you, I made a lot of these pieces. So please forgive me if the one in the finished photo doesn’t look like it matches the step by step photos. It really doesn’t match and the liquids won’t move on you. I just took the photos of the wrong version. </i>

Sculpey Souffle makes it so fun to create a multimedia pendant filled with colors, textures, beads and a unique shape! Use these colors or select your own palette!

Create an ethereal necklace using Sculpey oven bake clay, Sculpey Liquid bakeable medium, and the Sculpey Whimsy Moon and Stars mold.

These clever snowmen ornaments are almost as fun to build with Bake Shop clays as they are with real snow!


Design by Gretchen Amberg