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The Mandala and the Boho Chic molds make the perfect pairing with some Liquid Sculpey and Premo Sculpey to create your ultimate bohemian look pendant.

Sculpey Souffle clay makes this intricate looking striped pendant a breeze to make! This pendant will bring a bit of fun to your office attire-or your weekend jeans.


NOTE: This pendant uses the double pendant finding available in the Sculpey Jewelry Kit

I meant to do that! This cool ring is created with scrap Souffle colors from the other projects.  Don’t have scrap?  Make tiny snakes of the colors you want to use and begin the project.


NOTE: this project uses scrap clays from the other jewelry findings projects – small bits of Souffle Poppy Seed, Igloo, Raspberry and Pistachio (all listed below as well) and the Sculpey round ring finding from the Sculpey Jewelry Kit

Souffle clay scraps really come into play with this dramatic cuff bracelet.  Don’t have “pretty” scraps? You can actually make the terrazzo pieces from “good” clay and use the other scrap clays for the inside build of the bracelet.


NOTE: This project uses the Sculpey bracelet blank, available in the Sculpey Jewelry Kit

Check out this amazing T-Rex sculpture that talented artist and Sculpey Design Squad member Paul Pape created using Super Sculpey. You can also take a look at his other work at

Wouldn’t it be fun to create these clever little Pluffy Llama pinatas at your next birthday party?  The completed pinatas can be baked while your guests enjoy ice cream and cake.

Premo Accents Glitter clays figure prominently in these dramatic earrings that are easy to make using long fringe and a custom ear wire that you can make!

Bake Shop clay is colorful and easy to shape making it a great choice for building your own solar system diagram for a school project or to just decorate your room!

Original Sculpey is the perfect clay to make classroom projects like these easy to make fossils. Just collect your favorite flora specimens and press them into the clay. Bake to make permanent collections. I used 1/2 of the 1 pound box to create three large fossils.

Premo Amber Translucent is the perfect color for many faux techniques including my take on Tortoiseshell. I’ve created a votive candle holder, but you can adapt to jewelry and other home decor projects.

Liquid Sculpey makes these cute bug window clings a colorful and friendly addition to any window or mirror!  You can adjust colors to your own imagination. Don’t have line art for the bugs? How about asking your kids to draw you some?

This colorful animal totem pole, created with Sculpey III will take about one hour plus baking time!  A great way to spend an afternoon or create a school project.

Sculpey Model Air makes a school project or rainy afternoon project super easy and fun to create a tabletop model of a volcano.


COMPLETION TIME: 2.5 hours not including drying time for clay or paint.  This volcano is quite large considering it needs to hold a plastic bottle inside to make it erupt. When scheduling your model’s completion, I would suggest making sure you have at least three days for it to dry completely.

Premo Sculpey Amber takes on the look of glass and stone when tinted with alcohol inks. Create a bracelet with these rustic beads – or how about a necklace and/or earrings?

Premo Sculpey Amber gives a pop of translucent color in this Mokume Gane technique for decorating wine glasses. What a great “guest gift” for your next dinner party.

Amber Translucent Premo easily mimics many natural materials including tortoiseshell. Make a pair for yourself and your best friends!

This Premo Sculpey  simple layering technique is an easy method for creating organic looking layers. I’ve used this technique to enhance this reed diffuser, but you can use this technique for any number of possibilities!

Premo Sculpey Amber helps you make a stylish statement with this self linking statement necklace. Create the necklace length perfect for you.

Liquid Sculpey clay (LS) and silkscreens?  Why yes, they DO play well together!  You can use the LS as a paint or add a little calcium carbonate (the ingredient that makes chalk paint chalky) and you thicken the mixture enough that the silkscreen image has body and dimension.


This project is adaptable to your choice of clay and LS colors you wish!

Create a desktop pal, using Original Sculpey!  This friendly little puppy is a perfect thing to add cheer to any room really.

Design by Katie Oskins

Use the Sculpey Lace Silicone Mold to mold beautiful lace pieces and to impress a texture into your Mokume Gane slab to make a perfectly matched jar and lid combination.

Premo Cayenne is such a gorgeous color, especially when mixed with antique golds and turquoise stones! Try your own combinations for a custom look.

The Sculpey Keepsake Frame is a “must have” for all new parents (or grandparents!).  You can use the Sculpey Baby silicone mold to create colorful charm-like features for the frame as well!

Sculpey Souffle, Liquid Sculpey and the Sculpey Whimsy mold makes it easy to design beautiful elements for decorating your trinket box.

This friendly little guy, created with Sculpey Pluffy clay, will love hanging out on your desk or display shelves!

Sculpey Souffle colors combine to create an intricate bargello design to dangle from this beautiful filigree pendant. The beautiful Souffle color palette can create many variations of this clever bargello technique.

 Original Sculpey Granite is the perfect clay to make the cutest faux stone hedgehog  with a bonus! He’s actually a  planter, holding the sweetest little Sculpey III faux succulents.



Granite Original Sculpey is the perfect background for creating natural looking stone decor for home or office. A foam or cork backing makes these designer coasters perfectly functional as well as perfectly stylish.



Premo Sculpey blues team up with the Sculpey Hexagon cutter to make projects like this votive a snap!  The Premo earth tones would also be an exceptional color palette for this style.



This cool little bowl has a mid-century vibe and is perfect to capture keys, rings and change!  What a great gift for your favorite guy or gal.