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A decorative match box makes a beautiful finishing touch to the gift of a candle. You can even make the box coordinate to any color scheme. This is also a great project to use up scrap clays  since scrap clays make beautiful patterns using this technique.

By Amy Koranek

What a perfect guardian for your room or your home desk!  A bendy robot!!

Design by Amy Koranek

Create a Sweet Illuminated Gingerbread house scene that you can decorate how you wish. Make multiple versions to showcase along your dessert table this Christmas or just make one that can be displayed under a glass dome.

Swirly Designs by Lianne and Paul Stoddard

I know what you are going to say, “Oh, I’ve seen that technique before and it looks hard!”  Would it help if I told you that this is the FIRST time I’ve done a Mica Shift when I wasn’t just messing around with a piece of scrap? How about if I also told you that “patience” is never used to describe me?

Design by syndee holt

How fun to create your own custom gift tags using polymer clay!

Design by Gretchen Amberg

Decorating for the holidays is so easy with oven-bake clay! Our clay works perfectly with glass ball ornaments to create awesome decorations or gifts! Host an ornament exchange with your friends! Everyone will want the handmade ones you bring!!

Looking to add even more flavor to your wine glass? We teamed up with Dremel to create a fun set of wine glasses! Add your own personalized wine charms and a fun message! These marbled wine charms are the perfect pop of color to help keep track of your guests beverages.

Kids can easily create Sculpey III holiday peppermints and candy canes. Their finished designs can be used to create ornaments, holiday décor, jewelry and gifts. Parents and teachers will need to help with the slicing and baking.

Designed By: Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza

Matte Black clay and Metallic Foils make a dynamic duo when combined with textures and shapes!  A little something sleek and shiny to wear for your holiday festivities!

Design by syndee holt

These bowls are inspired by leather bowls or trays. They don’t need a baking form or any special tools and can be made in any size you like! Change up the veneers and clay colors on the top and bottom for endless variations.

Designed by: Krithika Parthan

Project and Video by Amy Koranek

Discover methods for using bead wire, crimping beads and a finishing loop and bar toggle.

Designer’s Note: This simple bracelet is constructed from the beads we made in the Sculpey University Jewelry Basics – Creating Opal Beads:

premo! Sculpey® Accents Opal 16mm baked beads (5)

premo! Sculpey® Accents Tinted Sunset Pearl 13mm baked beads (1)

premo! Sculpey® Accents Tinted Periwinkle 13mm baked beads (1)

premo! Sculpey® Accents Tinted Teal Pearl 13mm baked beads (1)

premo! Sculpey® Accents White Gold 13mm baked beads (2)

The clever ornament will be welcome in any new house!

Design by Phoebe Doehring

In the fall I love collecting acorns for my mini-mule, Buttermilk and my mini-donkey, Biscuit to eat. But they don’t eat the acorn hats! So I have lots and lots of acorn hats. I carefully harvested the hats and brought them into my studio for the inspiration for this Autumn wreath. The colors of Kunin Felt and Sculpey® Souffle worked perfectly together like they were made for each other.

Peace out man!! This brightly colored peace sign will add some fun and cool factor to any setting! 

This gorgeous vase will be a highlight on any table in your home!

Design by Patricia Kimle Designs

This is a time consuming project but I really enjoyed it. I’ve made these in Sculpey Souffle and I loved the look of the soft suede finish. This time I went with a shiny finish to show off the gorgeous Premo Pearl colors. Either way, this dish is worth the time.

Design by Teresa Salgado

One of my favorite things about oven bake clays is the wide variety of colors. With so many colors to choose from and to mix together – you can match anything perfectly.

Design by Amy Koranek

A miniature Day of the Dead Cat Figurine inspired by the Day of the Dead.  This figurine can be displayed just about anywhere for you to enjoy.

Designed by:  Joanne G. Garcia

Our goal is to always be happy! You have to find it in yourself – choose to be happy!  Bring your own weather to the picnic! It’s not what happens to you but how you deal with it!  All of these are good reminders that life is short and happiness is a great spot to be in!!  Plus who doesn’t love wall décor that is fast and easy to create!

This cute little guy will keep an eye out for your favorite small potted plant!

Design by Linda Hollander

With a love of interior design I am influenced by pattern and texture.

A stunning Minton floor in a National Trust property in England inspired me to create this look. Every tile was unique in design and finish but simple and elegant. This technique could be used for a brooch design, created in a bezel or as a tiled drinks coaster as the pattern repeats itself. Try using different shades of Sculpey Liquid Clay to change the look or add colour to your clay selection


Designed by: Debbie Bulford

I came up with this idea when I participated in a guild challenge. The guild was a polymer artist group (PCAGOE) and our challenge for that month was the theme of handmade texture plates. I created my texture plate and loved it so much that I wanted to showcase the entirety of the design, thus coming up with the idea of using it to create a wall hanging. I had taken a print making class in college and always enjoyed the process of collagraph and monoprints, that is where the idea of using the texture plate as a printing plate on polymer came into play. I love the idea that the same textural design can be altered, simply by changing out the colors and types of medium used, and that you can make multiple copies. I also loved that the entire design was of my own making, unlike a store-bought rubber stamp. I have also used this texture plate printing to make veneers for pieces of jewelry, and I think it could be used in any application where one would use a polymer veneer.

Designed by: Beth Petricoin


NOTE: Any color Premo can use used to create the texture stamp – Beth has used Ecru

Science project, room decor, DIY exploration… there’s lots of reasons to make a space themed mobile. This mobile focuses on the planets.

Design by  Amy Koranek

These cute, colorful rings with be a hit with your friends!

Design by Mouse House

Use sandpaper and and electric buffing machine to create a smooth, reflective surface on polymer clay. Find out how to prepare and use wet-dry sandpaper, and the proper process for using an electric buffing machine.

Video by Jenny Bezingue

Scrap clay is the perfect start to a beautiful and functional coil dish. The scraps will give you a lovely pattern of striped coils that is difficult to mimic intentionally.

By Amy Koranek

Clay to use: Premo scraps from a previous project – you’ll need a ball of scrap clay at least 2.5” in diameter.

Introduction: Create faux agate slices that can be used to create everything from home décor to jewelry designs. Custom-blend your own colors and glitters to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Designed By: Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza

Make one of these Pink Ribbons as a symbol of hope for yourself or someone you love. Or change the colors to encourage others in their journey of hope and healing.

The design for this project evolved by simply playing with clay, giving curiosity and serendipity the upper hand. But it is meant to be abstract, allowing the viewer to find the story that speaks to them. While I will outline techniques during this tutorial, artists are encouraged to use their own sense of creativity to make the design their own.

The birch artist’s panels were chosen to allow the finished product to be hung or stand independently on a flat tabletop or shelf. The sides of the panels can be left natural or painted as the artist desires. You can create one or more panels for your artwork!


Designed by:  Lyn Tremblay

We love that Sculpey is the perfect medium to embellish with! Have an old pieces that needs a make over? or want to add a little more to a store bought item? Sculpey is just want you need!