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Silk screened elements and composite leaf make beautifully coordinated veneers in this pieced together pendant. Special thanks to Jan Montarsi for his generous instruction for making the “Easy Back”.

30 minutes plus baking times

Glow-in-the-Dark Sculpey® Polka Dot Kitty

Model Air® Porcelain is a great no-bake alternative for creating these Peacock-inspired Drop Earrings.

Design by Linda Hollander

TIME TO COMPLETION: 30 minutes plus drying time.

Swirled lentil beads are a fun to make bead! I love to see the faces of people as the swirl develops and the bead is finished. Most of the time the patterns that are created are happy accidents, but what if we could control the outcome?? This project uses an approach to swirled lentil beads that allows a level of control in the final look. For this project, a limited rainbow of colors with a splash of glitter creates a bead that will surely brighten your day.

TIME TO COMPLETION: 90 minutes including baking

Note: While making lentil beads is fun, it does take practice. Try it with some scrap clay first. You may need to pick up your bead and re-center it on your work surface as it moves around. You can easily start and stop the circular motion at any time. Just remember to re-start going in the same circular direction as you started. Practice and have fun!

Sculpey® Pluffy (Bake Shop Light™) teams up with some colorful crafting supplies to create a “must-have” desk plaque for your BFF.

These great little planters are very on trend! Just add some gravel and your favorite silk mini plant or succulent.

These intricate-looking earrings are really a snap to make with Sculpey Soufflé™ and Sculpey tools!

90 minutes with baking

This beautiful project features a swirling technique that I learned from Christi Friesen. Christi uses the ball tools to swirl layers of clays together to make ocean swirls and waves. It’s a lovely technique that’s perfect for a project like this.

60 minutes including baking

Experiment with the wide range of colors of Liquid Sculpey® by dragging the colors through each other in different directions to achieve many different unique looks.

TIME TO COMPLETION: 60 minutes plus baking

Sculpey™ teams up with Sargeant Arts to create a multi-media boho wall collage using Liquid Sculpey® clays, molds and Soufflé™ bar clay.

Sculpey Bake Shop Light™ (formerly called Pluffy) teams up with a simple snap bracelet to create this cool little “snap happy cat” that your friends will love!

Premo Sculpey® makes this classic terrazzo vase a quick and easy project. Use our suggested colors or match the colors to your home decor.

Sculpey Bake Shop Light™ is the perfect medium to create this snazzy shark for your desk or bookshelf! Make them in different colors for more “shark school” fun.

This Sculpey Model Air® Clay Terra Cotta Giraffe Planter is so perfect for your indoor plants! It also makes a perfect house-warming gift.

Design by Linda Hollander

TIME TO COMPLETION: 2 hours not including drying time

Premo Sculpey® and Liquid Sculpey® Greige Granite team up to help create this stunning frame that will fit in just about any decor scheme.

3 Hours to make and bake

Everyday is a great day for donuts! Sculpey Non-Dry clay never dries out so kids can create donuts and then start over and make something else!

This awesome boho-style bracelet is really quick and easy to create with Liquid Sculpey® and the Sculpey® Cabochon mold!

TIME TO COMPLETE: 60 minutes

This Original Sculpey® Terra Cotta Monster is sure to brighten any space you put him!

Liquid Sculpey® creates layers of your favorite colors that swirl elegantly together make a lovely statement piece for a pendant or necklace design.

45 minutes to make and bake

Bake Shop by Sculpey® makes this T-Rex an awesome addition to your desk or shelf!

Make a cool snake bowl for your desk. If you stash your candy in him, no one will be brave enough to reach in a take it but you.

Liquid Sculpey® Confetti Clear teams up with the new Sculpey® 3D Jewelry Mold to create this sparkler!

50 minutes including baking

This project uses a new product coming soon! Watch for our upcoming announcement regarding Liquid Sculpey® Confetti Clear

How cool and easy are these Liquid Sculpey Confetti Clear hairpins? Make several sets because your friends and family will all want them!

Liquid Sculpey teams with the Sculpey 3D Cylinder mold to create dramatic (and easy!) earrings that are swingy and fun!

75 minutes to make and bake
5 minutes to assemble

This beautiful compact, created with Liquid Sculpey® and the Sculpey® Sea Life Mold, will be a hit with the lucky person you gift it to and make sure to make one for yourself!

70 minutes including baking

Liquid Sculpey and the Sculpey Cabochon and Bezel molds team up to create a quick and easy sparkler for your wrist!

Premo clay builds the structure for your box and Confetti Clear Liquid Clay adds the sparkle! Of course, you can select from the full range of Premo colors to make your own box.

Model Air® Porcelain is the perfect medium to use to create this simple flower design as home décor.

Designed by Rachel Hateley

You can create this sparkling little frame in an afternoon using Liquid Sculpey and the Sculpey molds! Why not make one for you and your BFF with your favorite photo of the two of you?

Liquid Sculpey teams up with the new Sculpey mold to make a pendant with the bullet shape – 10% rugged and 90% beautiful = a 100% awesome look!

45 minutes to make and bake