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Anything you can trace can become a window cling with Liquid Sculpey!

By: Amy Koranek

“You MADE that?!!?”  My friends (who all know that this is what I do professionally, right?) have all been shocked when they have seen this vase.  I am NOT a sculptor by ANY stretch of the imagination, but, yet, I created this piece! All with the help of the Sculpey flower mold.

These easy earrings are so fun to wear, I almost didn’t get them off my daughter-in-law when she tried them on for me!  You can add an off-white wash for a lighter summer look as well.  Oh! And why not make a THIRD leaf and create a pendant?

Design by syndee holt



This clever pendant uses the liquid clays as a way to add movement and a natural look to a quick pendant.  Add glitter and metal flakes for drama!

Souffle is so easy to drill after baking! You can even just use a needle tool to press through layers of clay to do some cool embroidery buttons.


NOTE:  I was actually taught to hand embroider when I was 5 years old by my babysitter. I used to hand sew embroidery on EVERYTHING when I was a teen, so one day when I was playing with some leftover NCT (New Color Tuesday) color chips, I started thinking about stacking the different sizes together to make buttons (Yes, I also have the “button thing”).  I had some embroidery thread on my table left from making tassels and the light bulb in my brain came on.  I knew that baked Souffle is easy to drill after baking, so I ran for a needle from my sewing kit (I was surprised I remembered where it was!).

Create an ethereal necklace using Sculpey® oven bake clay, Sculpey® Liquid bake-able medium, and the Whimsy Moon and Stars mold.

The Whimsy mold makes it easy to design beautiful elements for decorating your trinket box.

Create this quick, easy and stylish bracelet using our new Mandarin Sculpey Soufflé and Sculpey Geometric Texture Sheet. The perfect color and print for summer fashion!

Designed By: syndee holt

This bear is the perfect back to school craft for summer fun! Simply create, bake and erase!


Designed by Amy Koranek

This show-stopping box is simple to make when you use the Sculpey silkscreen for the pattern! This box is a great addition for any guy or gal’s décor.

These fun earrings design themselves and you just help guide them along.  They glow in the sun and dance in the breeze just like real jelly fish..



Translucent Liquid Sculpey is an amazing medium that works well with other craft mediums. This tutorial demonstrates how to easily create faux sea glass with Liquid Sculpey and Chalk Pastels.

Designed By: Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza

These pendants have the perfect amount of sparkle for any occasion!

Designed By: Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza

Its so easy to create the perfect jewelry and accessory pieces with Liquid Sculpey!


Designed By: Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza

Create quick, easy and beautiful pendants with Liquid Sculpey and the new Silicone Jewelry Mold!

Designed By: Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza

For this project instruction, I’ll share with you my method of “tilt painting”. However, since we’re using liquids, please know that the outcome will be very unique each time this process is completed. My advice: relax, enjoy the process, and you’ll enjoy the results too.

Create a wonderful addition to your wall or how about a housewarming gift?

This magical little unicorn is the perfect figurine for you or a friend!

This cute Kawaii Macaron is the perfect charm to add to your collection!

Designed by: Caroline from Sweet Caroline’s Clay

These lovely earrings are quick and easy to make using silkscreens to create the intricate pattern.


Cactus are all the rage! And having them as a key ring you can carry them around with you at all times!

Want to make your guest gift extra special? Or maybe skip the gift bag?  Add a handmade wine bottle charm!

NOTE: Don’t have a Clay Conditioning Machine? An acrylic roller will work as well!



This necklace is a statement for sure!

Designed by: Gretchen  Amberg

call this simply elegant, because the process to create it is simple and it’s so elegant once it’s completed!

Make a Mokume Gane slab with leaf patterns in it to create a family of leaves that are each unique yet perfectly coordinated.

This fun necklace will carry a little magic with you where ever you go!

This Rainbow Bracelet is the perfect accessories to any fun outfit. Plus, make one for your BFF and mix and match colors!

Succulents are all the rage! And having them as a key ring you can carry them around with you at all times!  They are quite small, so you do not need a lot of material. In this project we will use the new Soufflé colors for 2019!

Design by Anke Humpbert


Designer note: You will only need small quantities of clay. Especially for the blooms you need very little clay! If you make more than 4 pots of course you will need more clay. 😉

This adorable unicorn planter will look great on your desk or dresser and make you smile every time you see it!