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Sculpey III colorful florals abound on this woodland fantasy for your favorite little fashionista!

Sculpey III provides the basis for this “study in contrasts” bracelet.  The black clay and brilliant gold foil provide both a value contrast as well as a textural contrast. The new irrregular rectangle cutters provide a cool “retro” vibe as well.

Two of our most popular clay lines team up with our new irregular heart cutter set to create this darling keychain.

Create your own Northern Lights Jewelry with new premo Glow in the Dark clay! It’s sure to be spectacular!

A variety of Sculpey clays and tools combine to create this clever jar!  Pet parents are sweet to offer treats; but conventional pouches and boxes are so yesterday. Why not transform a simple canning jar into a personalized treat container for your pets? (Why not, indeed?)

Sculpey Silicone Mold and the Sculpey Liquid Clays team up to create some amazing “night sky” earrings that are a snap to make!

Watch Out! Evil Donut wants to take a bite out of YOU!

Scupley Souffle clay plays nicely with the metallic effects of foils in this clever and colorful bracelet. Learn to create a variety of patterns using the foils on polymer clay as well!

Glow in the Dark Premo and Galaxy Glitter Premo are the perfect companions for creating a stellar wall hanging.

The shimmering pearl Sculpey III colors for this necklace create a lovely effect.  This design is perfect for your casual jeans or wear with a white blouse to work (dreaming of the weekend!)


Sculpey III teams up to create this colorful little faux cactus designed to hold your pencils and pens.


I saw this frame in the store and I immediately thought, “That channel is sorely in need of some beautifully textured clay! Hmmm , like Sculpey III Leaf Green with metallic touches..”  If you can’t find a frame with a channel in it like this one, just create a beautiful textured strip along your frame!

This cool little pendant has a different twist to a classic rustic look by using the Premo Slate clay instead of a brown color for the wood look!  Premo Cayenne makes a glowing heart look.

The Sculpey chain link mold is a great pattern to use for textures, especially when highlighted with mica powders.  Add some chain for fringe for a metal accent!


This earring project was inspired by Ann and Karen Mitchel of AnKara Designs. Their simple method for embedding metal components into the clay makes jewelry construction quick and easy.

Combining the molded wing elements from the Sculpey Whimsy Silicone Mold with real or faux feathers gives this design a free style spirit. This project is created in beautiful blues from the Sculpey III line, but why not make a few pairs in different colors?

Souffle clay colors create a light and swingy pair of earrings. Perfect stripes are NOT necessary for these quick earrings!  In fact, they look better the more irregular they are.  Then add some matching swingy fringe.




This jaunty little pendant is a great way to try out the amazing mica shift effect.  Or if you are a “Shift Expert” you will be able to whip these cool little pendants out!  I love the pendant shape created with the irregular shaped Sculpey cutters too.

Make a pair of earrings with Liquid Sculpey Primary Colors and the Sculpey Silicon Jewelry mold with metal splatters, grungy or modern – or both!

Who doesn’t love a “gadget box” for their smaller remotes or keys?  This one features a clever faux leather look made easy with Sculpey Souffle


NOTE: I prefer to remove any metal clasp on the front of the box and create my own!

Create this fun monster that glows in the dark!

New Premo Slate is the perfect background for this mica dusted diamond patterned earring set.

This clever little guy will keep an eye on your phone on your desktop for you!  Bake Shop clay makes it easy to create and use in an afternoon.

Design by Katie Oskin



Create custom letter board icons with Soufflé clay and washers. Use them to decorate and add style to plain letter boards. Display on your wall, book shelf or at your next party.

Designed By: Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza

This cool wall hanging is right on trend in neutral colors with a splash of gold!


Watch Out! Evil Donut wants to take a bite out of YOU!

Create some cool erasers for your pencils!

This versatile design will allow you to create your earrings as wild or as mild as you like!



Premo Accents Galaxy Glitter, Peacock Pearl, and Opal make the perfect crystals for organizing your jewels!



Combine Premo Accents Galaxy Glitter with several Premo Accents Pearl colors to produce a shimmering other-worldly design.


NOTE: Premo Sculpey Galaxy clay launching 8/26/19!

These cool little earrings evoke a mid-century modern feel!  Casual or formal outfits will shine with these earrings.