I don't know about you, but I have always loved owls.   They are just so beautiful.   Very regal and majestic.

Sometimes in the summertime when I am laying in bed and the windows are open I wake up to hear an owl or two hooting.   Sometimes it's just one but other nights I have heard two hooting back and forth to each other.


Last week my husband and I took our dogs for a walk on a trail in the woods.   As we were walking along we saw a large bird fly between the branches of the trees.   My husband said "look at that big bird!"   We looked to see what it was and

sure enough it was a big beautiful Barred Owl.   I was so excited!  This a rare treat to see.   We stood and watched him

for quite some time.   We got right under the tree and he just stayed there and looked down at us.   We tried to take some pictures with our phones but he was a little too high up and the sun was coming through the trees so our photos all came out blurry or he just kind of looks like a grey blob.    This sighting just made our day!


The beauty of nature inspires me all the time.   I have been making owls for a while now in polymer clay.

They are relatively simple to make and so fun!   I wanted to share a picture of some of the owls I have made.

I like to use acrylic paints on clay so these owls have all been formed in clay and then their details have been painted

with acrylics.    Owls are a fun to make for the fall I think.   If you are an owl lover too, give it a try if you haven't already.