ARgh! Second Monday caught me unaware that it’s ACTUALLY Tuesday!

I’m using Premo Accents Bright Green Pearl as the standard color in my mixes this month, so these gonna be some greens!  Wheee…

I decided to play it a little safe and mix my 3 palette colors (Brt. Green Pearl, Peacock Pearl and Graphite) with Premo Accents Gold.  Loooook at those 1:1 mixes!! They are amazing.  I love that Graphite/ Gold 1:1 – how can it be warm and cool at the same time??


Premo Accents Bright Green Pearl Clay

To the sub-palettes:

#1 you just can’t beat a solid combo like Peacock, Gold and Brt Green Pearl. What great Spring/Summer colors (we would wear those all year at the beach).

#2 Look at the triangle of Brt. Green Pearl/Peacock/Gold 1:1 and Graphite. Now that is a sophisticated looking palette! I’m thinking clay covered drawer pulls…

#3 Swapping out the Brt Green Pearl from #2 for Gold – Another great sophisticated palette, maybe a little more on the conservative side.  This palette would look great against a grey coat or dress or a grey kitchen drawer?

Where would you use these colors?

xoxo, syn