I’ve become quite fascinated with Souffle Canary again. It can really hold it’s own in a mix, even with Premo Accents Bright Green Pearl. I love, love the 1:1 mix of these two colors as well – it’s a perfect bridge between yellow and green.  And of course, I already love Latte and Canary together to mix the Key Lime colors!


Celebrating the End of Summer With Clay

Let’s look at the sub-palettes:

#1 Bright Green Pearl, Turnip and Latte is an interesting punch of colors, especially in a floral motif maybe?

#2 Bright Green/Canary 1:1, Latte and Turnip/Canary 1:1 is like a muted version of the #1 palette = or mix them together !

#3 I love this palette! It’s Spring and Summer all together.

Next month, my main mix color will be Souffle Pumpkin in honor of October!

Look at how nicely these colors from my mixes play into a Fall color palette!

xoxo, syn