Well, hey guess who almost forgot that it was Tuesday? Confinement brain here… So let’s get down to color mixing business here.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the family of Souffle Blues, since it’s the most extensive range in the family. Cornflower (CF), Sea Glass (SG) and Robins Egg (RE). I really, really like these 1:1 mixes – this whole family can be mixed and matched so beautifully! Check the sub-palettes..

#1 A classic combo – and a true cool combo. Wow, this so evokes ocean breezes to me..

#2 Interesting, this feels a little warm to me – and I really love it on the grey background. I happen to have a lot of this shade, so I might have to create something with this palette…

#3 Again, I know it’s a cool palette but it feels a little warm to me. I think it’s the SG combo that does it. Maybe the hint of green in the original color? What a gorgeous color combo to set off a crisp white shirt (not that I even own anything all white!)

Next month I’m mixing a earthier range of colors that I like so much, I used every bit of scrap and even made a permanent keepsake of the color chips (instead of relegating to my GIANT bag o’ color chips – they are great for party table decorations. Sigh…. remember dinner parties??)

Stay home, stay healthy! xoxo, syn