Back to some lovely Spring-type pastel colors. I have to say, everytime I use Guava I develop such a color-crush on it! It’s a pink that I can live with!

#1 I like how the Canary/Igloo gives a pop of warmth to the two cooler colors in this palette. The Canary/Igloo mix is a very nice (not in-your-face) yellow tone too!

#2 Again, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I really like this pink palette!

#3 I’ve been knitting a lot of baby blankets in these tones. (Not for my family, but for my friends kids. Turns out the younger generation loves knitted blankets!)

If you are having difficulty concentrating at your clay table with all the CV-19 news going on, try doing some color mixing. Sheet the clay, use a cutter (any shape), write down the mixes and keep your hands and mind busy!

xoxo, stay home, stay safe!