Well, I had to feature a green on a New Color Tuesday that fell on St Patrick’s Day!

I’ve never really thought about creating pastels from darker colors, but I really love these three pastel mixes. I’m not really one for the traditional pastels like pink, yellow (oh, I do like some of those), blue (well, maybe..)

#1 Wow, I really like this combo! It’s hard for me to find a palette I like with a white in it (except Poppy Seed, Igloo and Mandarin or Raspberry).

#2 This is one of my favorite sub-palettes of the year so far. So unexpected, so calming. A different take on an earthy palette right?

#3 This palette looks like it literally can’t ever get dirty! My mom used to have a phrase, “that kid could swim through a mud puddle and come out clean.” I kinda feel that same way about this palette. Great colors for Spring denim.

I’ve been a little obsessed with mint green lately and I was mixing both the Souffle greens to see which one I liked best. Well, I like them both! xoxo, syn