I have to say, right at the start – I’m all about that Cinnamon/Igloo mix! What an interesting color to team with out-of-the-package colors. I really like it with Sea Glass, Mandarin, even Cherry Pie and Royalty. I imagine it with Poppy Seed and Igloo for a super classic look as well.

Okay – the sub palettes!

#1 Like a dive into cool water on a hot day – refreshing, calming, cooling. I imagine a gorgeous big bead necklace for Spring with these colors.. I also see a meditation/relaxation room with these colors.

#2 Wow! See how Cinnamon raises the temp of the palette from #1? That’s MY Cinnamon – a real hot tamale of a color. (Of course, if you ask me, Cinnamon goes with EVERY color on the planet).

#3 In my opinion, this is a nicely balanced pastel palette – a warm, a cool and a slightly darker pastel to anchor them all. Great colors for denim, white, and grey.

xoxo, syn