It’s Pastel month here at Sculpey and since we are just launching a pastel pack of Premo, I thought it would be fun to create my NCT mixes this month with Souffle Igloo to create some easy Souffle pastels. The really fun part is that I have two weeks of traditional pastels created with the bold, bright Souffle colors and two weeks of non-traditional pastels that were created with the darker, earthier colors of Souffle. I really had fun mixing and created a lot of OHHHHH! moments – I hope you do to!

First palette up has two of the brighter colors in Souffle, that are not dense colors, so I knew that they would make a great pastel – Pistachio and Robin Egg. Pumpkin surprised me by playing right along with the gang!

#1 First I HAD to point out what a nice, crisp palette these three anchor colors create! I think if I wore these colors in a necklace, it would magically keep a white shirt crisp and clean for me! (I don’t even OWN a white shirt – gave up on that years ago!)

#2 Oh, this is a brunette palette for sure! This palette could Summer over to early Fall too! Think Indian Summer?

#3 Is it me or does this have a mid-century modern vibe to it? Great pillow colors for home decor- especially on the ubiquitous grey couches. Speaking of which, I tend to wear a lot of darker grey now – hmmm, I might have to whip up another batch of these colors and play!

xoxo, syn