Okay, first of all – I really like Premo Blush and 18k Gold together! Granted, I think I like EVERY color with 18k Gold, but the Blush has the touch of warmth that matches 18k and a soothing, well, blush, to it. I always forget about Premo Sunshine, but then again, I always have trouble keeping yellows clean for some reason – more so than whites. Okay, the sub-palettes:

#1 This is a soft, almost gentle, palette that I really like. What a great color combo to wear with navy blue!

#2 Ah, here is my bright, perky palette! It’s not in-your-face perky I-want-to-slug-it-when-I’m-cranky perky. I know, I’m gonna call it uplifting! It’s a different Spring palette that I quite like.

#3 Ohhh, my favorite. This palette makes me breathe. Soft, gentle- but grown-up colors that hint of wine colors. These would be beautiful paired with Winter White or cream colors.

Okay, back to that clay table troops! xoxo, syn