Just a touch of Blush…I’m mixing with Premo again this month and looking at how Premo Blush does in mixes. I admit it, I DO tend to forget about the reds and pinks…well, especially the pinks. Hey, I’m a redhead that was raised that pink was like poison to redheads – we didn’t need to be ANY pinker! But I have to say, I like both the Premo Blush and the Souffle Guava and I’d wear them head to toe (especially now that I’m Antique Red).

Look at this lovely color palette! I can see so many possibilities in there..I love all the 4 main colors together and I love ALL the colors together. It’s a rich palette that manages to be both warm and soothing.

#1 Oh yes, I would love to knit with these colors! I think I’m going to have to make a bracelet or something in these colors so I can admire them! Really great colors for a brown-eyed redhead like me.

#2 Bright, sunny, warm and sassy..love it!

#3 Exotic, rich, makes me want big pillows to lay back on and look at my gorgeous palette.

xoxo, syn