I thought it would be appropriate to create the “bonus” 5th NCT post for October with some orange mixes for Halloween and The Season. I correctly figured that if I teamed Souffle Raspberry with some yellow type colors, I would get some oranges. I was OBSESSED with Souffle Raspberry when it came out and I’m not a huge fan of reds/pinks. Now I just normally love it..lol

I love both the yellow mixes and that Guava mix…well, I had something that EXACT color when I was little that I loved and I can’t put my finger on it. I know it wasn’t something I wore, because my mom didn’t allow pinks/reds with my curly carrot top hair. (I was a cowgirl, so it didn’t much matter to me.)

Now, the sub-palettes – I thought it could be tricky to create some interesting sub-palettes because the colors were so close to each other, but, AS USUAL, I was wrong!

#1 Can a palette be both calming and cheering at the same time? This one is for me! I want ombre yarn in these colors… so I can make matching jewelry of course!

#2 I really like these colors together, they seem to balance each other out for me. I’m thinking stripes with this palette….

#3 A really different take on a pastel palette! I could maybe team that up with the #2 palette in SOMETHING…..hmmmm….