I asked, you responded.

I asked what color to mix for December and you responded “blues and greens”.  I immediately thought, “Oh, in search of the perfect teal..”  Now, I was fully aware that the search would lead me down a rabbit hole, filled with beautiful blues, greens, turquoise, even mints.  What I didn’t realize was how far I was willing to go down that rabbit hole.  Let me tell you, I RAN gleefully into several days AND nights of color and technique experimentation that hopefully I can present in a semi coherent set of color mixes and one insane Creative Map.

Premo! Green and Premo! Accents Peacock yield all great colors.

Premo! Green and Premo! Accents Peacock yield all great colors.

So here we go.. .Our color feature this month is Premo! Green (all Premo! mixes this month), with special guest appearances of Turquoise all through the month. So I love every single color on this Green/Peacock mix spectrum, especially the 4P/1Gr mix on the end (I know I left off the “r” – to excited to post this to redo).  I also did a textured piece of the color and I love the way the Peacock in the mix causes those blue/green color shifts that is part of it’s magic.

Dec 1bThen I thought, “I wonder what Peacock mixed with Turquoise would look like?” The answer is “Pretty boring.”  Take a look: There is barely any color change. That’s when I really started poking around in the Rabbit Hole and found this path – Green, Peacock and Turquoise – all together..You really need to enlarge this photo and look at what is happening in the textured pieces.  There is some glowing happening there, especially in the middle mix.  I can’t even begin to pick a favorite one, can you?

Dec 1 3x