Looking for some faux leather colors? You know that the Soufflé® surface looks like leather, so how to mix some leather colors? But isn’t Soufflé® all about bright colors? How about a rich dark brown? Well how about that surprise of Soufflé® Poppy Seed and Cinnamon? That is one nice brown. And Sea Glass and Cinnamon? How can a grey be warm AND cool at the same time? And that Pumpkin/Cinnamon looks like new leather. I think I feel a hatband coming!

#1 I love these colors. These are great faux leather colors. I’ve been looking for neutral leather colors for a band..

#2 Ohhh, but I like these too. Two hatbands?

#3 Ohhhh, leather and sea. YESSSSSS… I can do three bands right?

What is this- my 7th year of NCT? And every year I become more and more aware of all those colors just waiting to be mixed!!

xoxo, syn