I mixed this week with Premo Turquoise – another forgotten clay in my clay closet. It’s an interesting color – you can change a color from warm to cool with just a little bit of Turquoise (see Spanish Olive above and that’s 1:1 and it’s still strong green!) The Copper mix is intriguing to me. I bet it looks really good with Premo Bronze! These are some Spring/Summer palettes a little early, but never too early to create..

#1 Ahh, this is a classic palette. Nice kitchen colors – I like copper handles. In jewelry, or even a mini bowl, the copper will add a little bit of shine to pop out of the cool palette.

#2 Wow! It this palette soothing to the eye or WHAT? Summer jewelry that isn’t tropical bright?

#3 This has a neo-mid-century vibe to me. The combo is rich, slightly exotic. A different take on a Spring palette from the usual pastels.

xoxo, syn